Saturday, March 7, 2015

Going with God's Flow

First the pneumonia with sinus infection tossed in for good measure.  Then a family member who helped do lots of lifting to make more room inside for eventual drywall installation, hurt her elbow. 

Next, Mark the electrician and the hermit made great progress running 3" ABS pipe from upstairs to down and under the house; but he became ill before his return.  All that is on hold as it takes more strength than a post-pneumonia hermit has to pull apart the large plumbing elbows, dry fit, to then glue and shove back together for the finale.

Then Raphael and men were to arrive a couple weeks ago. But that got postponed to this past Tuesday.  Then no show, but he came by and said they'd be here today, Saturday.  No show again.  Am praying first of all that he nor his men have been in an accident or ill.  Then am praying that if not the either of these, it is just the reality that not many people can cope with working on this tedious and obstacle-ridden hermitage. 

Yes, this place is a virtue builder for those who have the courage to begin with, to enter in.  So courage may be one of the first of begged virtues, and patience follows closely in the grace-requests!

The good in all the shifts in plans and work efforts, and in all details of daily and nightly life--is that the Catholic hermit is learning to go with God's flow in very temporal ways.  Also, it is learning to turn absolutely the most detailed of temporal into the spiritual reality. Deus vult!--a good exclamation.  God wills it!  

And, all the while, the very good in all the postponements, delays, illness and recovery, is that the nothing Catholic hermit has been working hard at trying to do all that needs to be done to make the heavier efforts more do-able for the strong workers.

Yesterday, for example, the nothing Catholic hermit used the reciprocating saw to cut through nails and 2x4's that had secured a 2'x2' window for over 50 years, in the old kitchen.  It took much effort and strength to wrangle that heavy thing (lots of old wood still attached) out of its space in the wall, and drop it gently to the ground outside, beneath.  The effort then turned to carefully measuring and figuring the king stud length and placement, the jack studs (support the header), and figure all the cripple studs that support the new window, itself.  Heights and lengths must be figured to within 1/2-inch, and all must be level.

Tuckered out before project completion; but figured since Raphael, Francisco, and Juan would be here the next morning (today!), tacking some insulation board over the opening to the great outdoors, would suffice for a night.  Now, am wondering, as even if the hermit finishes framing and cutting out what will be a 4'x4' window opening (am repurposing a window removed from upstairs that was replaced by a 6'x6' window)--the hermit cannot, on its own strength, lift in the 4'x4' window.  

Ah, God will provide!  Either the guardian angel will help with some super strength in the hermit, or else Jeff the Deputy (and devout Catholic!) might be in the area.  Perhaps he will help lift it in, once the hermit completes the framing. Lifting in takes 5 minutes or less.

Today's mood in the nothing Catholic hermit reflects the sun in this land of exile.  What else is desert life to be?  Life in the Son and sun.  Life in God's will and God's time.  Life in praise and prayer and perseverance against whatever the earthly odds and obstacles!

Today the nothing Catholic hermit celebrates the nearing of the third Sunday of Lent.  Plus, after gradually loading the used pick-up truck (christened Precious Blood), today brought the final loading, tarping, and securing.  Then off to the dump!  

Why the celebration?  Well, the 51st,  52nd, and 53rd dead rats (a 16-incher the last--and queasily fresh) were in that load, plus lots of old plumbing torn out of old kitchen and from under the hermitage.  And, today marks the passage of the 5-tons in poundage gutted, loaded, and unloaded over the past, nearly two years.   The hermitage itself is far lighter...and Light!  Surely God is in this place!  Te Deum Hermitage Beth-el!

The 10, 240 pounds of now-dumped debris does not include the first contractor's pricey load (back when the hermit was quite naive and trusting of such men, such princes).  The Catholic hermit was charged $240 for one dump run, of which the actual cost at the dump was, it later learned: $67.... Glory be to God that the hermit listened to the Holy Spirit in procuring Precious Blood, even if it means four more years of monthly payments.  That used pick-up has been a blessing, and has saved so much of God's money!

In life, through the errors and gullibilities, through the trials and triumphs, through the tears and prayers, we learn that all belongs to His Real Presence.  Time is God's.  Our daily bread is God's.  Money is God's.  Health is God's.  Body is God's. Energy is God's.  Breath is God's.  Blood is God's.  We are God's.  

All is God, and we are nothing.  The tears and supplications become prayers of affection and praise!  God provides, for He is All.  We receive for we are nothing more (nor less!) than His beloved children; and He loves us, one and all.

Yes, we learn to go with God's flow.

God bless His Real Presence in us!  Little children, let us love one another!  Remain in His Love-- and go with God's flow!

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