Sunday, October 12, 2014

Yet, There Is God

Despite all else, when health declines some with added pain, there is always God.  No matter if in remote area, as many if not most hermits live physically in solitude and far away from the bustle of activity and people, there is yet God.

More so, perhaps, does the hermit depend upon and seek God, and find His Real Presence, in the details of life itself, in the very solitude, silence, and slowness of a life dedicated to adoration and love of God.  And, thus, in such adoration and love of His Real Presence, the hermit loves all of God Who loves all of His created and creation.

This is the connection with all, through God Is Love.

A hermit who seeks union with God Is Love, with His Real Presence, must be in His will and accept the flow of the vocation in all its earthly yield, its ebb and tide, daily and nightly.  The hermit thus must not be surprised that its temporal life begins to take on the pattern of the cross, the pattern of Christ's life, and trace His footsteps.

In practical terms, this means suffering physically as well as embracing and accepting the criticisms and calumnies from others who mean well in part, but who have not yet been able to, nor perhaps are meant to, understand or comprehend the poverty of the cross.

This Catholic hermit is more and more realizing and attempting to embrace the poverty of the cross.  Daily the stepping along in Christ's footsteps leads to increasing detachment from that which is not of things above.  What can be accomplished in physical effort is made up for in prayer, for this communication with His Real Presence does not cease and will not cease even when mortal breath gasps its last.

The Sacraments grow deep within.  The connection is spiritual over temporal, and the deep becomes deeper, beyond the ken of even what the mind had considered, for there was no considering what the unknown of the duc in altum would bring.  No one can anticipate the unknown of His Real Presence, of walking in his footsteps, for where He treads has but only one given, and that is poverty--poverty of self, poverty of temporal, poverty of spirit.

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for they shall see God.

Seeing His Face and being kissed on the lips by His Lips, and living His Life both earthly and divine, is the heartfelt desire of the hermit who has left the world to find heaven, on earth as it is in heaven.

God bless His Real Presence in us!  Little children, let us love one another, for when the footsteps of Christ lead to Golgatha, and all else of the temporal (even the temporal aspects of church) fades and yields to the spiritual:  yet, there is God.

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