Thursday, October 9, 2014

Deeper Conversion

Another awakening with the severe headache and more back pain.  All this has thankfully pointed this "nothing" into deeper questing of His Real Presence.  There is greater desire to do His will.  And that doing is more a being, at this phase of suffering that one would pray no one ever endure, especially not repeatedly with increased intensity over age and time.

Yet there are the many positives, always.  Being on the cross with Jesus is incomparable.  The earthly detachment that comes with severe suffering assists in setting priorities.  For a hermit, this includes prayerfully listening and reviewing the priorities as well as messages from His Real Presence.  Is the vocation being lived as He wills?  What signs indicate?

Certainly, having physical limitations arrive, help in making adjustments.  Then, such as yesterday with the unexpected noticing the name of one called Dositheus the Elder, Recluse of the Kiev Caves, led to further research.  And, it was no coincidence that this 18th c. female hermit's feast day is Oct. 8, yesterday's date.  The wonders of His Real Presence reach into our lives so beautifully!

Here is yet another hermit who lived austerely, all for God, in prayer, and remained in her cave the remainder of her life.  She left family and friends, comfortable and privileged life style in order to give herself completely to love and intimacy of and in His Real Presence.  Her prayers and offering of her life became her action; she was given other spiritual gifts and counseled those who asked.  But this was not the purpose of her existence, to be utilized in known ways.  Her purpose was love of God and adoration.  And that love of God always flows into love of souls, love of others whether physically interactive with them or not.

This hermit now prays about its own existence, and the purpose is not this temporal abode, or even trying to make it livable or salable.  Rather, the challenge is to live in it as is, and if the body is somehow able to do some manual labor, then do so.  The main work is of prayer and adoration. Pray for souls and adore His Real Presence.  Leaving this "cave" is not essential other than on occasion for some provisions.  Or, perhaps He will provide someone out there to bring some food from time to time.  One must remain open to whatever assistance He might provide.

Yesterday this Catholic hermit addressed in a blog post, another hermit and supporters, exhorting to leave off rather contrary writing, of which this hermit here has not been the only target over the last several years.  One wonders if hermits of yore had these issues with other hermits seemingly threatened or competitive, or desiring notice or to be esteemed over their fellow hermits.  Presumably this is not a problem of just one time period.  Human nature will always be as it is, and vices and virtues are our constant fare in the spiritual journey.

The post was left up long enough to get the message across to the person and persons involved, and to assure of prayers and well wishes for their vocations to be lived to the glory of God and for great success in the striving for holiness.  We all, hopefully, desire what is the sum and perfection of our poor souls, to some day or moment to be united with His Real Presence for all eternity.

God bless His Real Presence in each of us; and let us love one another, little children though we be, and His children, one and all.

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