Friday, December 9, 2016

Catholic Hermit: "The Warmth Of The Sun"

The following song, composed by Brian Wilson (Beach Boys) amazingly soothes when my body is cold but more importantly encapsulates a metaphor.  The lyrics represent in metaphoric comparison the evolved relationship of the temporal Catholic Church world with this consecrated Catholic hermit.  

I so appreciate not only the lyrics but their rich symbolism, especially of the sun (and Son: Christ Jesus, Son of Man, Son of God).  The "love of my life" is represented in the Catholic parish, the temporal Church world, or as a priest referred a couple of years ago, as the "secular Church" as compared to the mystical Church, the mystical Body of Christ, the spiritual Church.

I have the warmth of the sun [Son] within me tonight....  

The warmth of the Son is with us always, even when the temporal aspects of the Church do not necessarily feel the same way toward our love of the temporal aspects of Church.  (One can gather the depth of meaning and experience the truth, beauty, and goodness in our souls' evolving in the growth that comes from our lives progressing in His Real Presence, no matter what befalls us.)  

In faith, we continue on trusting in the Most Holy Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Enjoy and absorb...the warmth of the Son.  He is with you tonight, the true and eternal Love of our lives!

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