Saturday, May 28, 2016

Profound Experience, Reality, but...

A few nights ago this nothing consecrated Catholic hermit had yet another unbidden, unexpected experience in the night.  It was amazing, lovely--and thought the next day the Lord had surely treated me wondrously in response to the prayer love anthem offered via a famous singer's secular song.

But then the day before yesterday I learned of a family member's suddenly planned trip to bike solo through three European countries.

He left late last night, New York to Paris.

There is much more to this, considering it was this family member who the Lord took me in spirit to visit the other night.  And while there, my late mother also visited from the other side.  I was aware of her presence, and a sign was given that extended into the temporal reality of my own hermitage, here, and of her reminding me to do something that, indeed, I had totally forgotten about--practical.

But now the bi-location experience took on a different aspect rather than a wondrous treat for this hermit to be in loving company of the family member who has been off in our relationship, more estranged, and whose soul has over time gone farther, in fact turned away from, God.

I was going to write about bi-location, and this experience in particular lent itself to the discussion.  However, this morning when I began to pitchfork some larger-chunked wood bark from the pick up truck (Precious Blood, by name), and wheelbarrowed the first load to spread, I must have re-aggravated the upper left back muscle that was pulled on Monday last, when I took the first of two falls and slides on the pole barn roof while painting it.

By the third wheelbarrow of mulch, I was ill with acute muscle pain.  I made it inside, to the mattress in this small cell of a room.  I tried ice, then heat.  Now I am beyond able to cope physically with such pain.  Praise God!  Praise God for the medications to help, for the Order of the Present Moment that now dictates that there will be no work done, and enforced mattress time, until the muscle is not in spasms of screaming pain.

I cannot write more of the experience at this time.  But I do ask readers, if you are so inclined, to pray for the family member who is biking solo through France, Belgium, and Holland in the next couple of weeks.  His soul has been in trouble for a few years, and I admit to having shirked the intensity of praying that would be beneficial.  Immediate family members are concerned for his safety, of course.  There are other factors that make the safety an issue.  

But my main concern is for the soul.  I am praying that he turn back to the Lord, for there really is nothing worth more than a soul re-turned to God, secure in His Love.

Of all things--today this extreme muscle pull or tear.  Painful to breathe, move, write.  So will cease.  The Lord has chosen stillness, suffering, silence, solitude, simplicity, stability, selflessness, slowness, and prayerfully, serenity for today and until He gives further notice.  I was eager to do the chores of the land.  He wills I do the prayers of the Spirit, instead.

God bless His Real Presence, and thank you if you can lend your prayers for a young man, age 33, out on a pilgrimage of sorts, even if he'd not at all consider this solitary trek a pilgrim's seeking something more than what he has currently, within.

(I'd like to write more of the profound experience, the reality, but...present moment pain prohibits body movement much, even writing!  God's will.)

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