Thursday, May 26, 2016

Catholic Hermit Ponders Pole Barn Roof

This morning while allowing the daily Mass readings to wash through this pained, mortal frame, I ponder the pole barn roof.  The upper right back of this hermit's body has rather sickening pain from a pulled muscle or two (or three) from slipping and sliding a couple times when on the metal roof  on Monday.  The third mishap which caused enforced front-to-back leg splits is not the pained back muscle culprit.

Perhaps the gardening efforts yesterday late afternoon irritated the pulled muscle.  Regardless, my idea is to attempt the final paint coat on the back and final half of the pole barn roof.  The pondering has to do with allowing more rest time on this mattress as well as praying for God's Mind on the temporal matter, for all that is temporal has at its base and permeation, the spiritual.

His Real Presence always allows us time to ponder.  The problem arises when we do not think we have the time.  Those are our notions and our choices in temporal activities and responsibilities that we load on our earthly daily plates.

As I consider the years past, prior to my private profession of eremitic vows, avowing myself to the three evangelical counsels, and thus entering into the consecrated life of the Catholic Church as a hermit, there were many times that I thought there was not time enough to ponder.  I seemed not able to wait nor to ponder enough, for the responsibilities of family and career can be intense and packed with details and activities of which others rely upon us.

Yet there was and is always time given us by God, to wait and ponder.  The night hours are excellent for this if we do not grasp that we can ponder even if it seems in snippets during the waking hours.

We can ask the Lord before we fall asleep at night to teach us, to help us ponder, to utilize us in the night.  As we ought when pondering and living out life in waking hours, we should also ask the Lord to keep satan from deceiving us, from entering in, all according to God's will.

We must understand that day or night, the Lord at some points will allow the devil to poke around.  How else will we have the experience necessary, otherwise, to learn to discern the spirits, to know the wiles of the devil so that we can endure the cunning assaults?

Now, though, this hermit remains resting on the mattress in this small, unfinished cell of a room.  I will ponder the Mind of God and praise Him for all that He wills and desires for us to learn and to love.

If the body ends up unable to safely finish painting the pole barn roof today, it can mow the yard that is a bit thick and tall.  With pulled muscles, we humans have learned enough about physical bodies to know that some exercise and movement, plus lots of water intake will help the healing process and flush out toxins that collect around such areas of inflammation and injury.  God gave someone or other or many, His insights on injuries, bodily functions, and healing.

Pondering, asking, waiting for answers has always been, is, and always will be part of the human soul's process in learning and loving.

God bless His Real Presence in us on this Solemnity of Corpus Christi.  Ponder, celebrate, and love the very real human and divine Body and Blood of Jesus Christ!

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