Friday, November 27, 2015

Catholic Hermit Is Thankful for You!

Yesterday, in this country, we celebrated Thanksgiving.  The reading in the daily Mass Scriptures included these words from St. Paul.  I posted them for family and friends, and I do so now for you, my friends in Christ and blog readers.  I am placing my body, mind, heart, and soul in these words of St. Paul, as my Thanksgiving thoughts for you!

"I give thanks to my God 
always on your account 
for the grace of God bestowed 
on you in Christ Jesus, 
that in Him 
you were enriched in every way, 
with all discourse and all knowledge, 
as the testimony to Christ 
was confirmed among you, 
so that you are not lacking 
in any spiritual gift 
as you wait for the revelation 
of our Lord Jesus Christ.  
He will keep you firm to the end, 
irreproachable on the day of 
our Lord Jesus Christ."

Now, to rise from this mattress on the floor, although very chilly in this hermitage on a late autumn desert day!  Must dress and begin some manual labor.  A daughter, son-in-law, and young grandson came yesterday for a few hours.

We worked on building a wall requiring angle cuts that is under where the stairway is to be and as a back wall of the laundry plumbing drain and vent pipes and water lines.  I will today construct another wall to help hide these pipes which take up more space than a single, 2x4 wall.

I also hope to continue on, installing the bathroom cabinets.  My guardian angel helped me immensely, getting them from the pole barn to the house.  With the family members probably leaving the area, the Lord is challenging me to increased faith in Him!  Solus Deus!  God alone!  It will be good!  May this nothing Catholic consecrated hermit step up and fully embrace the challenge!

God bless His Real Presence in us, dear friends wherever you may be!  May your day be blessed with all the praise and gratitude that can issue forth from our bodies, minds, hearts, and spirits!  Let us live the royal law:  Love God above all things and love others as ourselves!

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