Saturday, November 28, 2015

Catholic Hermit Trying to Turn Adversity...

...into prayer for souls.

Woke up early this morning when the pain got too intense in this body.  The hermitage was especially cold even though the pricey wall heat pump an area heat "specialist" sold me and had installed a couple years ago.

Had to stay in bed all morning other than a couple brief times up to heat some hot water for tea and heat up some of last night's pea soup.  Then I thought about the man who assured me that the heat pump would be "more than adequate" and would "heat up the whole downstairs."  

Last year in the fall and winter, I called him as the heat pump was not heating up the downstairs, not by a long measure of any imagination.  He said it will do better when there is drywall over the insulation. Well, the drywall is over the insulation; the ceilings are also insulated--something not usually done in home construction nor necessary.  But I wanted to do all I could to keep the heat contained for the next year.

So now we are in that next year, and I have to face the fact that yet another person took advantage of this ol' hermit.  A nephew emailed in jest that I should take some of the many rats I've hauled out of this place and mail him a couple for Christmas.

Well, it did make this chilled, nothing consecrated Catholic hermit laugh a bit, which was the nephew's intention.  Rats for a rat....

But immediately I had already told myself the "salesman" hopefully did not intentionally lie.  He simply is rather ignorant as I later learned he had taken up the business of heating not many years previously.  Most likely, his love of photography was not generating enough income....  I suppose desperation helps us become more enthusiastic in what we are trying to sell someone?

I will have to get some additional heat sources for the winter.  A desert is stark and cold or stark and hot in various means and ways.  In the meantime, since I will use an extra space heater for the tiny room in which I have a mattress on the floor--I am offering prayers with any reminder of the man who sold me what is not at all adequately heating the hermitage.

Hell is supposedly very hot by some accounts.  Jesus refers to the fires of hell.  So that reminded me that my most important work as a hermit is praise of God and prayer for souls.  I am praising God that I have a sock hat to wear on my head and a comforter to keep the bed warm, and I have some plug-in space heaters.  There are people in the world who have far, far less as heat sources and are far more chilled.

Now the outdoors has heated up enough so that the inside is not as cold.  I will rise, dress, and head down into the crawlspace to turn off the water supply.  There is a plumbing task to accomplish today!  And while under there, I'll offer up a nasty task as an extra big prayer for the man who sells over-priced heat pumps to make a living, and for those friends of his who gave excellent referrals--as they only meant to help him out with his business.  

The nasty task is to remove a dead rat--one that died under there about a month ago, judging from the length of time it took the stench to subside.  I'll scoot over to that area of the hermitage, under the floors thereof, and locate the corpse, bag it, and bring it out and bury it.  That is my way of dealing with people who maybe do ratty things.

I try to give benefit of the doubt that most people do not intentionally do things.  They get enthused or desperate, or believe so much in their abilities that they exaggerate.  I don't think they intend to not tell the truth; and it is true that sometimes companies also stretch the truth in what their products will accomplish.  Yes, I had researched the product in addition to speaking with others who have it.

And, I can clean the filter as that might help a tad bit on the out-put.  I still have some more insulation I can add to one area under the house, as well.  But mainly, I will pray for souls of people earning a living and for my own soul, that we try our best to keep ourselves squeaky clean and holy from any tendencies to take advantage no matter how desperate or ignorant of consequences to others, that we may be.

We must turn all adversities in ourselves and in others, into prayers of positive action and hope for our betterment as people with souls!  Let our lights shine before mankind and do unto others as we would do unto ourselves.

Praise God for all our many blessings and the ability He gives us to pray through any adversity and to praise Him for giving us the ability to praise Him!

God bless His Real Presence in us, little children that we are!  Remain in His Love!  Our souls can be just the right "temperament" and keep our hearts warmly loving, always.

Later:  Only could get to a dead baby rat.  That suffices.  The big one must have crawled under some major pipes so cannot get to that area.  I have been considering any times in my life in which I have been a rat in any way to anyone.  I'm finding some examples!  His Real Presence deals with us directly!

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