Saturday, December 6, 2014

Hermit Rides Again

His Real Presence has taught much this week. The nothing Catholic hermit is thankful to not be so cold inside here, and is back in the ride of life, working on the manual labor tasks-- as well as praying and listening to lessons He is teaching.

The ferris wheel image is magnificently helpful.  It has expanded to include a street fair of life, with enticing booths galore, so that if one task or life issue is wearying or has a road-block, just turn slightly and there will be another to which to attend.  If weary, there is the little bed in the midst of mess, that offers itself for a painful back to recline.

Am gearing up for the first tactical attempt at the little exercise in dying to self and modulating the externals to hopefully ease the irritating aspects of this hermit to another who has had the courage and comfort level to express the annoying peccadilloes.  

In fact, a call yesterday brought news that the weekend's schedule is altered.  Another person is visiting there, and nothing Catholic hermit is not to come, after all. But yet still come at a certain time, in order to help with something they need.

Also, Raphael who had held out the life line which motivated this hermit to rise and begin work once more, trying anything to make progress here, ended up not coming with his men.  Nothing hermit noticed some electrical outlets not wired.  A call to the electrician, and he said he had to do more work before drywall installation in that room.  He was going to come the day before Raphael and men were to come.  But the electrician's truck alternator went out that morning, so he could not come.  

Raphael answered the call, and said he felt it best not to come, but he would send two men to at least make room in pole barn and carry out some bulky items to make more space in here to work.  He also said a man named Jorge would arrive this coming Tuesday, who could assist and work with the hermit on tasks that need two people--and Jorge knows how to do plumbing, also.

But Raphael did not send the two men, despite a call on Friday reminding in a message.  The electrician came, however, and the two of us remained focused and accomplished much.  Progress!  The ferris wheel is rising! But then it descended (does at night when tired and ready for sweet sleep), then rose, and descended, and rose again.  Such is life.

Nothing Catholic hermit is learning to enjoy the ride!  

Immediately when dusk came on Friday and the men never came and Raphael did not call, nothing hermit knew for certain that His Real Presence chose not to have them come.  The hermit is not out money.  The hermit can get furniture sliders for under $5 and even though it takes time, shift bulky furniture from right to left in the room, and back again, and bit-by-bit put the insulation in ceiling, and bit by bit ready the studs for drywall--plumb and level them with drywall shims.  Then, if no help even then, can at least drywall the lower parts, even if must use smaller pieces of drywall--heavy, the large sheets!

Tomorrow will go at the appointed hour to help the one who is providing excellent practice for this hermit to die to self and try to be the peacemaker by modulating its own irritating personality and expressiveness.  Am told the one person who has not wanted contact with the hermit for 19 months, says it is all right if the hermit comes, and then he will leave with the others, so will be a brief passing.  

Am supposing the one who cut off the relationship is curious, as has heard reports of the aging, the wrinkling, the weight-losing, the weariness in the old hermit's appearance.  But the ferris wheel descends yet rises again.  Rejoice and be glad, for this hermit considers the beauty of Mother Teresa of Calcutta in her later years!  Ah, what a psalm exudes in her face and eyes!

Nothing Catholic hermit is learning yet more detachment in a very good way, and is able to pray and love in a very universal way.  This morning, over and over, came the word-reminder of Jesus:  Blessed are the peacemakers.  Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me, so goes the song.

God bless His Real Presence in us!  Little children, let us love one another, for God Is Love!

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