Sunday, October 5, 2014

His Living Word

Severe pain presents itself in the Order of the Present Moment.  Low back is on fire like hot embers consistently burning and then with eruptions of sparks into flames, spontaneously, from time to time. No wonder the high level spinal headache yesterday, tenacious against any medications.

How challenging to attempt conversations in which one person asks about our lives, but when we ask about theirs, the other remains tight-lipped.  It is a way to control the situation and seems to be the result of some hurt or offense that was taken and is being held captive and not let go.

Thankfully, we have the Living Word of God in which to communicate and from which to receive communication.  If we remember to ask Jesus about His life, He will tell us.  He speaks to us of daily situations and of life in general. He speaks to us of souls and how to exist as souls, one with another and with Him.

His Living Word is glorious, per usual.  His Living Word is very much of the Order of the Present Moment and for all souls for all earth and all time.  These, His Words, come on the breath of the Holy Spirit.  He guides us, comforts us, teaches and chastises, truly present to each moment in our lives.  This is how God reaches into us.

Each person who reads His Living Words, the Scriptures of the Holy Bible, or who listens as others proclaim aloud, or who ponders the Word from memory of certain verses and content, is personally and individually touched, affected, altered by His Real Presence:  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Despite all our unique flaws and personality quirks, the living Word of God communicates with us, in us, for us, without any passive aggression or control mechanisms.  He gives freely and openly of life-sustaining and life-altering, life and soul-improving Words.

Truly, this is a great gift from God and a marvel, an on-going, living miracle for everyone.

God bless His Real Presence in is!  Little children, as we are, let us love one another!

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