Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Catholic Hermit's Gratitude

This sharing leans to the personal, always.  I have come to discern it best to remain honest, sincere, genuine, realistic to truth no matter how painful or raw, and am humbled by and with the results.

My prayer is that what I share in some ways helps others, presents reality of charity as well as sinfulness, and ultimately that it somehow glorifies God.  I suppose this latter comes from His grace and my desire to seek Him, always in truth and love, and in loyalty to His Real Presence and His Church, the Body, of which we are members.

Since I'm to be in the Order of the Present Moment, as my religious "order", directed by Jesus to this nearly 19 years ago, what I share are slices of life from the perspective of a Catholic hermit, victim soul, human being and thus a sinner on the stairway to heaven, hopefully, prayerfully, soulfully.  

That my life has been quite challenging with much suffering and hardships--and the greatest from within Holy Mother Church--there have also been many spiritual consolations.  Chronicling as if documenting a case study, seems best.

For awhile I've been reflecting on what criticizing and judging does to a person compared and contrasted to what encouragement and love does.  However, I have presented myself openly, knowing that it will either cause others to judge and condemn, and perhaps a handful not doing so.  

I'm at a point in my life and journey that it seems best to lay the cards on the table upfront, and let whatever  the result to be as it is.   It seems as if Jesus did that.  Each of the apostles did that.  John the Baptist did it, all the prophets.  They did not screen or filter in order to better be accepted or to fit in.   Why try to fool others or, more importantly, oneself?  We never fool His Real Presence, that is for sure!

Today I thank anyone out there who prayed for my right shoulder.  Although it is not healed physically, it is much better.  I also prayed the prayer for Jesus' shoulder wound even though my mind was tired and did not focus heavily on content.  

My intention and need was strong, though.  Faith has it that His Real Presence understands and knows I thought about His shoulder wound while drywall mudding, and I thought about others--internet strangers--praying for me.  My spirits lifted; my shoulder seemed not as painful.  I was able to proceed with the task literally at hand.

Thank you, Jesus!  Thank You, Father!  Thank you, Holy Spirit!  Thank you fellow pilgrims on the spiritual journey, on the stairway to heaven!  God bless His Real Presence in us!

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