Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hermit Daily Life: Prayer for the World and All Peoples

While describing slices of daily life and spiritual thoughts and happenings, one must not omit the hours spent in prayer for the world and all peoples on earth.

I tend to check the news online, watching a few minutes or short video clips of pertinent occurrences, enough to get the idea of current events.  This allows the mind and heart to be with the persons involved and the situations, and to pray in whatever capacity His Real Presence wills.

While it could be all right, too, to not access the world news, I find it helpful at this phase of my journey because it stretches the boundaries of this hermitage and the hermitage within.  

Presumably, though, when farther on the stairway to heaven, not knowing specifics could be infilled by His Real Presence, and the praying would take on a more supernal mode of knowing without knowing.

Every now and then, I cast the nets in the water.  For now, I check once a day or so, such as today, to discover the terrible international crisis of a passenger plane shot down by warring factions of Ukraine and Russia.  

My prayers will expand to include remembrance and supplication for all countries which have warring factions on-going, as well as for individual souls who are at war within themselves, or who are at war with His Real Presence in some way, or who battle temptations.

In thus praying, I allow the heart and soul to be very much at the disposal of His Real Presence, and that includes sometimes suffering with Christ in reparation, or deep compassion in focus and being.

God bless His Real Presence in us!  May there be His peace on earth!

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