Thursday, July 7, 2016

Catholic Hermit's Field-Breaking

Well, just a note of reality therapy from this nothing consecrated Catholic hermit to any readers who read the previous post.  I got myself all worked up and enthused by the big boot-kick the Lord delivered through His Thoughts given centuries ago to Hosea the Prophet.

And then I got off the mattress and walked around, went outside, even, to see if the 1/2" cove molding I'd purchased to finish building out the trim around the French doors would work, to find it does not.  Plus, the trim I re-installed after switching out the slider for French doors, looks "off" because rather than trying to trim the siding that has to remain installed, I trimmed the trim wood to fit within where the concrete board siding had been.  So now the trim around the doors is not even.  It is off a bit, and of course my eye notices it easily.  Perhaps others will not especially when it is painted.

But the 1/2" cove does not fit properly to finish off the building out of trim.  The old farmhouse hermitage has 2x4" exterior wall construction, and the new, classy French doors I got from Craig at the lumber yard on a steal-deal, are the newer 2x6" exterior construction.  Thus I have to build out a bit of trim around the doorway.  Hmm.  I may have to rip some trim on the table saw, or use some other trim I have, but that might look odd given the fact that the rough side of the trim white board is up, not the smooth side, and all other trim I have on hand is smooth.

But what is the main glitch to this morning's desire to cooperate with the Lord's boot-kick of breaking up a new field for myself, at least physically to get into work mode again, is the awful headache, the right shoulder pain flaring from the two past shoulder surgeries, the right thumb at base by palm flaring up from drill-whip injury last December, and the low back radiating over to the liver area causing sickening pain, not to forget the pain down the legs and the feet as if on fire.

So today the breaking up the new field very much includes attitude and mind-set.  I am sure this is all intentional by the Lord--His Mind trying to get my mind out of the way so that He can replace my thoughts with His.  Breaking up new ground is not so easy if the mind is not His or at least if our own thoughts are not sublimating to His Thoughts.

And His Thoughts are always on that which is holy even if very much involving temporal details.  His Thoughts are always steeped with love and mercy.  So it is with mercy that the Lord Thinks, and I must get back up off this beckoning mattress and dig up some other trim options, something less than 1/2" and either small enough that smooth finish will not be so noticeable.

There are always options, and if the physical pain becomes too intrusive, then it is that the Lord's Mind Thinks this suffering servant ought to turn to simmering the neighbors proffered apples with some rhubarb from the gardens.  Break up that field--a far less physically demanding task.  The main Thought from the Lord is no doubt, today with the body as it is, that this hermit can also be sowing justice and reaping fruits of piety.  I can proceed in those aspects, yes.

Smile and laugh therapy time is at hand, also, in living out the Order of the Present Moment at Te Deum Hermitage!  Boot-kick the field-breaking in some interesting fashion or other!  Just wanted to share that while words expressed can sometimes make it seem easy, the reality can be challenging.  Breaking up a new field for ourselves takes spiritual effort and lots better if we remember Jesus is bearing the yoke with us.

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