Friday, May 13, 2016

Praising God in All Things

Well, the bathroom outlet situation also now includes light fixtures that would have to be moved.

I've been practicing the action of body, mind, heart and spirit in praising God today ever since being reminded of the resolve of just a day ago to start praising God in hope of simulating to some level the continuous praising of agod of the angels.

So this afternoon I praised God for the heat, the watering hoses, legs to walk, food, and a bathroom at all.

Per the electrician's request that I find the bathroom mirrors in the pole barn and bring inside to see where the outlets are off, I did so.  That is when I noticed the light fixtures are "off" now with the changed cabinet base sizes.  Praise God in all things!

Time to call Lowe's and explain I will need to bring these cabinets back, as well and why, unless they might consider to pay for electrical and drywall work necessary to move outlets and light fixtures.  The employee thought unlikely, that.  So he got to work looking in the cabinet catalogue once I explained the issues of other employee saying there was not a bathroom-height, 30" drawer base.  Thus, the reconfiguration of cabinet sizes threw off-kilter the electrical work done based upon the first cabinets that ended up flawed and discontinued.

Praise God in all things!

 I assured Don that I am not all upset nor do I want to have to explain the past sorrowful cabinet ordeal to the new manager.  He agreed.  (I always remained on kindly terms with him even though he had done wrong by misleading on first order of kitchen and bathroom cabinets--resulting in management involvement and total replacement.). Praise God for the death of my will so that I do not react as I used to, before God's will entered in.  But yet, I still do have my own fault-prone intellect that gets in the way.

So Don got busy looking in catalogs.  He found in the upgraded line of cabinets from this company, that they do make a bathroom-height 30" drawer base.  The style would look the same or similar as they are slab drawer fronts, and the finish can be identical.  Praise God!

I recall asking the other employee about that possibility back before these second set of cabinets were ordered, but she said it would be the same in upgraded line:  No 30" drawer base.  I'm not sure why...other than she thought that to be true, or her mind was on her upcoming wedding.  Praise God, whatever, for we are all mere, fallible humans.

Now Don is checking with some superior regarding this glitch that can be resolved for far less trouble and cost to them than an electrician and dry-waller.  Even if they balk at paying for this third order, at least one of the four is the correct size.  Only three need be returned!  Praise God either way, for this is a better solution than trying to remove (and later replace) drywall to move and rewire light fixtures and outlets.

If Lowe's refuses to fund the additional error, this nothing consecrated Catholic hermit is not going to be worrying about having more on the Lowes loan on my death bed. Praise God for that!  Most "things" and situations of our temporal lives that at the time seem a problem will not be on our minds as we lay dying.

Practicing praising God in all things, all matters--a fruitful endeavor.  Consider the angels!  Such is the unfolding of today's lessons learned.  Such are the praises among many more in this hermit's daily, unfolding life.  Praise God always!

God bless His Real Presence in us!  Let is love and praise God above all things, and love others as Jesus loves us.

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