Saturday, May 14, 2016

Praise God! Praise God! Praise God!

This is one praising-God-consecrated-Catholic-hermit!

I admit I did not consciously remember to do so this morning, but perhaps the Lord sensed it from my joy and gratitude.

I decided to FaceTime with grandson. Give it a shot.  He answered; we chatted about his exciting new trampoline news.  The adult daughter came on.  Nice!  I boldly asked if they could come this summer and help make progress here, that I'd really like to get this place more finished and needed help.  She agreed.  We discussed possible time frames.

Then she mentioned even helping finance having someone hang drywall on living room ceiling rather than us put in tongue-in-groove ceiling in that oblong room.  It is an ascetic reason; the ceiling might be too "busy" with all those boards running the length, even if staggered.  The vaulted back area will be fine with wood ceilings, as well as upstairs and my little cell downstairs where I exist when not manual laboring.

Raphael is coming on Tuesday to see how much it might cost.  The daughter has since sent a couple names of drywall workers with good reviews.  So, there is encouragement, hope, support, and renewed potential.  Praise God!

With such encouragement, this old hermit actually took the momentum to tied down to a tree on other side of pole barn, the ladder laid on top of pole barn metal roof.  This flat ladder idea was given by a friend so that I'd have something to grab when up on the treacherous roof wire-brushing rust off each grommet and other rust patches and spray painting.  After all that is completed, I will roll on two coats of a very durable exterior paint.

I'd been putting off this project for obvious reasons.  The roof is slick not so much from the metal itself but the original paint is so worn as to be dulled and chalky.  I've been asking my angel to hold me steady and keep every small step secured, as well as getting down off the roof on ladder I have set up against the side of pole barn.

Over 1/3 of the rust areas are brushed and sprayed before weather impeded the progress.  Regardless, I can praise God over and over for whatever.  And it certainly is a lot easier to praise God when good things happen, such as touches of loving kindness.  Even if the daughter for some reason cannot come the earlier week we discussed, she said they can definitely come later in the summer.

Praise God!  That's all it took:  an offer, some help coming down the road, encouragement, hope.

Since the weather prohibits roof progress, this nothing consecrated Catholic hermit will praise its way (after a back pain rest break) through sorting and clearing up much of the tool and construction supplies mess inside the hermitage.  Amidst being leveled by pain much of the winter and death process of my will, then so much outdoor work to do, then the thumb would drama, I had let "stuff" accumulate and clutter.

And praise God even though Don at Lowe's has procrastinated already on talking with manager about the bathroom cabinet issues.  I did remind him that maybe "third time will be the charm", and we will get it right this time.  I doubt he will do as he said and talk with the manager, so I may need to make that call.  Praise God regardless what they do or do not do about it!  I must get the proper width cabinets rather than have to take out drywall and re-wire outlets and fixtures.  

Praise God even when matters aren't going well.

Regardless, praise God for all breakthroughs the day before Pentecost Sunday!

God bless His Real Presence in us!  Little children, let us love God above all things, and love others as Jesus loves us.  (This teaching was in today's Mass reading from the Gospel of John.)  Praise God.

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