Sunday, November 29, 2015

Catholic Hermit: Happy New Year!

Blessed and joyous new year--beginning, that is, with Advent!  Today we begin the new, liturgical year.  

Long ago I realized the significance of our spiritual lives, our spiritual DNA--our spiritual bodies, minds, hearts and souls existing in the spiritual realm deep within.  Our very existences are programmed to the spiritual, and thus Advent is our true, soul-felt, spiritual new year.

What new year is of utmost importance, then?  The calendar new year, or the spiritual, liturgical new year--which one do you think?

This consecrated Catholic hermit has come to know with great reality, that it is the liturgical and spiritual passage of seasons, of time, which are actually lived out in other levels and dimensions of our beings.  

And, the natural world that God created and creates anew in glorious metamorphoses, over and over and over--the seasons of the natural world actually are in tune and rhythm with the spiritual year, the liturgical seasons.

Think on these matters, and rejoice in our new year as we enter Advent waiting and rejoice in the coming of Jesus' birth.  We may celebrate anew in God's timeless modality and with the gifts of the greatest of the virtues:  faith, hope, and love!

Happy New Year!

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