Friday, December 4, 2015

Catholic Hermit: Hermit Present Moments

Dear friends in His Real Presence, this nothing consecrated Catholic hermit has been living the present moments with the usual, human strivings for virtue over the typical flaws and vices we face.

I've been in civilization, helping out with watching a young family member while the father was away on a job interview and the mother went to teach college course.  While there, the pain level peaked so was in bed quite a bit but thankfully able to do the driving to get the child where needed to be for activities.

The Lord provided quite a miracle and answer to prayer while there. Hopefully I can write about it this evening.  For now I'm returned to the hermitage.  I must take advantage of daylight hours to continue installing bathroom cabinets and to use the power saws to cut window trim boards--facings and casings.  This morning I ordered the bathroom door.  

Even with all the time spent on leveling the bathroom floor, the cabinets, although new, are not perfect.  Nothing in our temporal world is perfect.  We humans do our best, and even with machine precision, there are shifts and juxtapositions and imperfections in anything material.  We can either grouse about it or can rejoice that it gives us more opportunity to fine-tune what we are working with and that others' hands have worked with prior to ours.

When using a hole cutter bit on the power drill in order to cut holes for the vanity sink drain pipe and hot and cold water lines that poke out from the drywall, the drill flipped and wracked my right thumb a'plenty.  The tendons are over-worked as it is.  So it started my thinking in terms of how amazing are our hands and how useful a blessing they are in our lives.

God grant success to the work of our hands!  Today I will pray for those who have lost hands or were born without hands.  And, I will pray for those who invent and construct artificial limbs and 3-D hands and other devices that help people who are without limbs.  God grant success to the work of our lives!

More, later!  As ever, God bless His Real Presence in us!  May we all love one another, little children, in this terrible time of terrorism and mass murders in various countries around the globe.  God Is Love!

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