Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Catholic Hermit Ponders Possessions, What Matters to God

In the course of steadily painting exterior of hermitage, have been pondering what matters to God, reflective of the Gospel of yesterday's Mass.

Am realizing that concurrent with thinking through what matters to God (in daily life and over all life goals, vocations, daily encounters, and all efforts in general), we must consider what are our "possessions."  For, Jesus mentions what we store up in "possessions."  Yet what makes us "rich" is storing up what matters to God.

It seems that each person's "possessions" will vary.  What are possessions?  We can identify them fairly easily (if we are brutally honest with ourselves) by figuring out what things, persons, ideas, and loves actually "possess" us!  Whatever or whoever it is that we cannot quite be without or also be rid of, are those things, ideas, memories, and persons who possess us.  This can be these types of possessions in the past, present, or even what we anticipate for the future.

What kind of possessions do we have, then?  What is it that we have difficulty parting with and from, or in being rid of in some way, shape, or form?  Can we delineate any "possessions" that we no longer have much attachment to or those that do not seem to "possess" us as they once did?

Then, in all aspects of recognizing and admitting our possessions, or that which we tend to store up, to carry along with us in all phases and levels of life both exterior and interior, tangible and spiritual--of what types are they?  And, then, we can start figuring out what of any of these possessions (and that which possesses us) really matter to God--or not?

To figure out what really matters to God, takes another phase of pondering.  I am going to pray for insights on this.  I pretty much have some lists in mind of what yet possesses me and thus qualify as "possessions."  Some I could say do not matter to God, but I need to deeply reflect, for the Holy Spirit is very much part of this exercise, and I rely on His Real Presence to help me know for sure.

What might seem obvious to us that which matters to God, may not so much; while what is not obvious, could very much matter to God.

Am heading back out to tape off some trim around doors and windows, and proceed painting the plank siding its first coat of creamy gold paint.  Am finally ready for the very front of the front porch siding.  There are so many phases and steps in each phase of prepping a structure for painting:  Wash, caulk, scrape, trim, cover some areas with large gaps, install ceiling, trim boards, prime, paint two trim coats, clean brushes, paint siding color coats--even remove gutters and downspouts to paint pillars!  

Prayed much for protection, asking my angel to hold me steady on the tallest extension ladder and fitting the body between major power lines going into the hermitage, way up high.  What thought "possessed" me then (a possession?) was that it would be all right if somehow electrocuted in the process.  Would not have to keep working so hard--plus, seriously, would be on my way to His Real Presence up front and personal, all the time, forever!

Also, I am praising God and put out a general thank you for the vicinity, as a benefactor left a huge donation in the little clay pot on the vegetable table by the road.  What a surprise!  

Is the large denomination bill a possession?  Of sorts, perhaps, or perhaps not.  Does it possess me?  No.  Is it useful and helpful?  Yes!  I was running quite low on funds and need to purchase more construction supplies.  Are those possessions?  Yes.  Do they possess me?  No.  It is all passing.  The temporal is passing away.  The donation of cash passes from the benefactor through me to others, on and on.  The building supplies will pass from some store clerk's hands into mine and then be utilized, and at some point all this will pass on to another, on and on.

So, there are little questions we can ask, such as if what we possess as possessions or if they possess us--is always passing away, passing by, being passed on from person to person or thought to thought.  That which passes on and is in the process of passing by and passing on, does not possess us, nor do we store up such possessions.

Ah, this is fun!  I love thinking about what matters to God!  I pray to have the courage to accurately discern and then to pass on and pass by any possessions or that which possesses me--not store up.  Only store up that which matters to God!  Yes!

The Fortitude Fudge--both Dark Night of the Soul and the Virgin Mary's Creamy Milk--is on its way!  It was when posting it this morning that I passed by the veggie table and noticed the surprising donation!  Was passing by....

God bless His Real Presence in us!

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