Monday, October 19, 2015

Catholic Hermit on Being Rich in What Matters to God

Yesterday, this nothing consecrated Catholic hermit responded to a reader's inquiry regarding a false term made contrived by one person.  The writing was boring and weighty because the topic is boring and tedious.  Such matters are nonsense and do not matter in our lives.  

In the night the dreams were tedious, as well.  It is so true that where our minds and hearts are, will be where we find the treasure.  For me, this hermit, treasure is not in legalism--especially not in false notions, terms, details that do not matter to others or to me.  In fact, who cares?  To whom do such silly, displaced concerns matter?  Does it matter to God?

And so it is no surprise that when upon waking and reading the daily Mass Scriptures, there in the Gospel of Luke we read a parable in which Jesus gives a clear message (as He always does).  There is no mistaking His point.  Jesus explains that we can get caught up in temporal matters, in storing up more and more "possessions"--only to find our time has run out.  Our time can run out in physical death or in mental, emotional, spiritual dying.  

Jesus states at the end of the parable that true wealth is in storing up what matters to God.

Possessions are simply what ever possesses us.  We may think we possess certain items, objects, words, thoughts, and actions.  However, in many cases, it is these "things" that possess us.  If we find ourselves being possessed or even obsessed with certain needs, desires, items, activities, thoughts that are not holy, not of God, not necessary in loving God or His loving us, then we can pretty much ascertain that they are not what matters to God.

So what does matter to God?

I have some ideas, but while I finish up a Fortitude Fudge order and do some exterior house painting before the daylight is no more, I will ponder:  What matters to God?

This is truly exciting!  Even pondering what matters to God is more of what matters to God than wasted time pondering why on earth anyone would have a need to make up unnecessary terms and categories for those few people who are called to a unique and hidden vocation.  My heart tells me what matters more simply by how it responds to pondering what matters to God as opposed to pondering made-up terms of no consequence to anyone, and certainly not Jesus.

God bless His Real Presence in us!

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