Friday, November 14, 2014

Another Consolation

Ten days ago this hermit had a beautiful consolation from His Real Presence.  It was of the supernatural variety (pneuma of the Holy Spirit, spiritual perfume, scent of roses).  Today the hermit received another beautiful consolation from His Real Presence, but this time it was of the temporal variety.

In the early morning hours, when awakened by much physical pain, in the various thoughts while trying to manage the pain, thoughts of a religious group who have been ordering some of the hermit's Love of God Bourbon balls, came to mind.  Next the hermit had a bit of impetus to make some Fortitude Fudge, perhaps at the daughter's when next visiting.  There was much love in the thoughts of the religious group, and warmth rose in the heart toward the one who places the orders--not often, but enough to keep the hermit's hands in the sweets.

A couple hours later, there came an email, placing another order for the St. Bernard Love of God Bourbon Balls, as well as some samples to sell of Fortitude Fudge!  Such fun to have the early morning thoughts correlate with the religious group desiring more and a willingness to try some Fortitude, as well!

It was a consolation that got this hermit up from the warm bed and starting the manual labor that is not going away by magic.  And, in order to make the fudge, the hermit will now be forced (by a joyous order) to finally unpack the pots and pans, as there is a special copper pot the hermit uses for confection-making.  All this will occur at an off-site kitchen, of course.  Not until Te Deum Hermitage is in pristine condition, will there be orders made on site.

So, while working away, clearing out the last of the critter nests in the last of the wall and ceiling being gutted from this entire farm house, the warmth of the practical, temporal consolation kept the hermit in loving prayer for the poor and praise of God for all the good He provides to all His creatures--human and otherwise.

There has been much progress here, for one thing.  No longer does the hermit register disgust or horror with what was let go in here for so many years.  Creatures will seek warmth, naturally; but there are ways to keep them outside where is their more natural habitat, and keeping the hermitage for the hermit.

Ever since the heat pump man announced his $120 per hour, hourly wage, and the hermit wrote a check, for it needed the heat pump working, there has been the thought that surely the Lord will provide some income.   Something must off-set what seems an outrageous hourly wage for someone who was on the phone to tech support for two hours, needing to be told what to do about the heat pump that had ceased operating after a power surge....

However, the hermit is practicing allowing love to take over; and it is a good thing that the heat pump man has a very healthy self-esteem and considers his time that valuable.  While the hermit's proceeds from making little love balls and fudge with some fortitude are quite modest, even $3 per hour is better than nothing.  It all adds up, and the hermit has oft reminded itself that the main work is the prayers for whoever will be eating the Bourbon balls and fudge, anyway.

But God provides temporal consolations, also.  And he allows temporal desolation in order to strengthen us in patience, temperance, fortitude, faith, hope, love....  The desolation of the high cost of repairing the heat pump (labor only) went by without much upset.  But there is always more challenge in the spiritual life, and today's consolation will not be the last one, nor will the $120 hourly heat pump man's wage be the last desolation to face.

God bless His Real Presence in us!  Little children, let us love one another!  Remain in His Love--consolation, desolation--remain in His Love!

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