Saturday, November 15, 2014

Think, Talk, Walk in Love

All morning the nothing Catholic hermit has been thinking about various people who come to mind.  These are the someones of whom this hermit must love--no, is allowed to have the privilege of loving. 

Love is most certainly the greatest gift we are given and may and can give to God and others.  As St. Bernard explains, if we love God in Himself, we are loving all of Him which includes all His created Thought and Being, which means all creatures, which means all of us, living and on the other side, and all the angels of light and darkness.  God loves.  God Is Love.

Of course, not all creatures and spirits love God.

This morning, then, several persons came to mind who have been challenges to love for one reason or another.  Unkindness, mostly, was the difficulty with some who came to mind.  However, the realities of how some people treat others in this life, are marvelous practice pieces of learning Divine Love.  Yes, through, with, and in His Real Presence (Who has His abode in us--in this hidden, tuckered out hermit this morning and right now!--could turn any love challenges into love because of His grace to do so.

Love is quite a powerful gift we are given, and it is downright fun to utilize this power in thoughts.

It is yet another practice and gift to love with our tongues.  Yes, take those thoughts of love which powerfully have overcome any negativity (and we all have our ugliness that create challenges to others loving us and us loving others), and be loving in words uttered among others, to others, for others.  This may include writing loving notes to people, loving emails to others, loving comments on Facebook and Twitter.

Finally, it is a workout (as much or more than all the old wood planks the old hermit pry-barred and demo'd out of the ceiling spots and remaining walls) to utilize the gracious, powerful gift of love when with people, to be loving and to do loving actions in their presence or behind their backs.  (We usually think only of being spiteful or complaining behind another person's back, but just think how we are given the ability and power to be loving behind their backs!)

In a few minutes, after the back stops its spasms of pain, this hermit is going to load up the truck with some supplies for venturing the distance into civilization.  There has been an invitation to help celebrate someone's birthday, a family someone.  This will be the first humans seen in a week!  How strange to realize the hermit has adapted to solitude by the grace of His Real Presence.  It is peaceful and does not at all seem as if no people present in this time frame.

People from this realm and the other side seem so very present to the hermit, especially with the thoughts of love conquering other realities, for truly, not everyone is all that loving to us, and we aren't that loving to them.  That is why St. John the Apostle encourages us to walk in love, to love one another as God loves us.

St. John Climacus mentions we ought to love God as much as we love our friends.  Well, this hermit immediately thought rather it ought to love its friends (and its enemies) as much as it loves God!  God Is so always very good and loving to this hermit, and Is so perfect and magnanimous, that loving Him seems easier than loving others or even itself.

The hermit has been asked to bake the birthday cake of which the birthday someone has chosen a recipe.  Should be interesting and fodder for more loving thoughts, talk, and walk.  

Yes, there may be strains or comments or who-knows-what for we never do know what others are experiencing in their day.  Perhaps they are tired, or frustrated, or working too hard, or coming down with a cold, or misbehaving for any number of reasons. Perhaps they are stressed from financial losses, or uncertain about our country's woes. 

Even this hermit may struggle with grumpiness due to the manual labor today, or the too-soft bed there that causes excessive left hip pain.  Well, allow love to take over any grumpiness and any added pain.  Love sleeping on the floor if need-be!  Let love take over.  Think, talk, and walk in love.

Yet, we are given the power of LOVE!  No matter what other someones are feeling or expressing that may not exude love, we CAN!  

Am praying and will keep praying for His Real Presence to absorb this hermit into His omnipotent, omniscient, eternal LOVE, and in His Love, think, talk and walk in love for Him and for others.

God bless His Real Presence in us!  Little children, let us love one another and remain in His Love, always.

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