Friday, November 7, 2014

A Spiritual Phenomenon We All Experience

Last evening a friend forwarded a notice from the national director of "40 Days for Life."  Basically, this is the prayer campaign of the last ten years in which people pray for 40 days for the closure of abortion clinics and for women to choose life for their babies.

The director mentioned that 59 abortion clinics have closed down since the campaign began. What is also astounding is that the new national headquarters for "Forty Days for Life" is opening in the College Station, TX, former Planned Parenthood clinic that closed its doors after persons of prayer kept praying outside its location.

Thus, this hermit is reminded of the most frequent and what could be constant mystical experience of any one's spiritual life:  PRAYER.

Prayer itself is a spiritual phenomenon.  Just think on that truth!

Prayer is a spiritual phenomenon, a mystical experience, of which any of us may be gifted, literally any time we pray.  To consider that communicating with His Real Presence is so readily available and accessible, and that it is absolutely spiritually and mystically a phenomenon beyond the temporal, is quite easily down-played or forgotten.

What do we people want that could be more loving, more spiritual, more miraculous, more mystical, more phenomenal than prayer?

This morning, upon awakening, the words to the effect that music follows the angels, also reminded of how the mystery of lovely music and harmony, of instruments and of voices in song, can also be a spiritual experience and verily a mystical phenomenon.  Consider how music links us with the angels!

God bless His Real Presence in us!  Little children that we each are, let us love one another!  Remain in His Love!

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