Thursday, November 6, 2014

Hermit Honor, Hermit Humility; Hermit Competition

It has been brought to this nothing Catholic hermit's attention that another hermit tends to pick up from whatever this hermit writes, and then writes on that topic.  

The question has been asked:  Does this bother this Catholic Hermit?

Not at all!  It is an honor to think that this hermit's topics (of which it prays for inspiration as well as to hopefully, humbly express in abject honesty and inner nakedness in embarrassingly temporal and spiritual happenings) are followed up with another hermit's writing.  As is said, "Two heads are better than one."  

Perhaps this is not always the case, for sometimes ten heads, or just one with God--but the point is, there ought never be competition between people, between souls, between seekers of God...or specific competition of just about anything spiritual, temporal, secular.  Sports teams and politicians might be an exception; but we can see just how rancid a people's existence can become when politics and athletics (or societies and religions) go to a level of  egotism and desiring dominion (violent or not) over others.

Thus, this nothing Catholic hermit encourages any others (hermits or not) to write on the topics this hermit presents in this blog. Yes, it is an honor this grappling Catholic hermit does not deserve.  But, then, the good topics are chosen by His Real Presence in actuality, and not this hermit, for God Is Creator of All that is good.  All honor and glory to God!

But any and all weak and pathetic expression of the topics, any confusions in not writing well--that is all this hermit's flawed efforts.  It is this hermit's prayer and gratitude that the others who pick up and write from these topics, will far better express with their words and understanding.

So for those of you who have wondered, to this hermit it seems a fine and good thing--yes, am honored.  It can bring a chuckle, also, at times when this hermitage is drab with dreary chores, for who would have thought the driveling writing of this blog would become a topical trend?

Rejoice!  God bless His Real Presence in us!  Little children, praise God for our love of one another, and may we remain in His Love!  God Is Love!

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