Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Feast of Saint Bruno, Carthusian

Today, Oct. 6, is the 913th anniversary of St. Bruno's death in a charter house he founded in Italy.  The first charter house he and six companions from Cologne, Germany, founded remains today near Grenoble, France, high in the Alps in an area called Le Grand Chartreuse.

The Carthusian hermit lifestyle is one of which this Catholic hermit has found intimately appealing ever since receiving the call to eremitic life, over 14 years ago.  While not possible to purely imitate their daily horarium and temporal living circumstances, it is possible for yet more adaptation of this hermit's vocation to the stricter separation from the world in greater praise and prayer and penance in silence and solitude.

There is not much holding back now.  As one Carthusian monk said, that to pray is to embrace not one or even ten people in the world, but an infinite number of people and souls.

St. Bruno, please pray for us!

God bless His Real Presence in us.  Little children, let us love one another.  If we do not have love for even one person, we do not possess true love. (This latter truth stated by Jesus to Catherine of Siena.)

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