Friday, September 12, 2014

Up High, Praying

The back is absolutely having pain fits; the right shoulder is used to needful excess; but painting the exterior of Te Deum House needs to be accomplished, bit by bit.  In house painting, one begins up under the eaves and works down.  Paint can splatter; old paint chips fall to the ground and can be brushed off dry siding far easier than painted surface....

Up high on 24' ladder, rigging a wire to hold the paint bucket, but first do the scraping, then the caulking.  Being a novice, it took two times the length of the highest side of house in order to complete the caulking.  That is because one aspect of the construction only came to mind as needing caulk, after the obvious part was finished, foot by foot, some 36 feet of tight eaves and overhang.

On occasion the "nothing" would pray and then thank the Guardian Angel, Beth.  (Beth is a masculine noun in Hebrew meaning "house of."  I did not name the angel; the name was told in an amazing way--just the right way for I had been skeptical as a convert of Catholics with their named Guardian Angels.  His Real Presence taught me a lesson!  And Beth is the angel's name, and the meaning is significant because of needing help with houses--temporal ones like this consummate fixer-upper but mostly help with the soul abode.

Pray climbing up the ladder; praise God coming down.  While up there, suspended some 20' with face close to the siding, the reminder of the vision of two years ago seems all the more heightened since writing of it a couple days ago.  But the prayers are for the Church, the world, this country, and for a young woman and her husband who lost their first baby girl six weeks prior to the due date.  Baby died in the womb unexpectedly.  

Life is so precious, so fragile, and filled with surprises that go beyond what we can fathom.  For the couple, their friends, and the grandparents, there will be much grieving.  It will take courage in the future, and much prayer, to determine if the couple are willing to be open to another baby or more.

God always has His reasons for everything.  Was pondering this truth when up high, praying.

Catherine of Siena (in the part of the biography am currently reading) learned and reminded those around her that there is nothing more important in life than to desire to please God in everything and also to desire being in His will.  Especially in aspects of life that seem difficult and painful, one is to embrace and accept as coming from God for some reason, some lesson to be learned, and for some good that will evolve.  

(This is especially important to consider and enact even if the evil one has been involved, for there is nothing better than to ascribe to God all matters, and to learn lessons from even the most painful and confusing of situations.  Bring it all to good, hope, faith and love!  Drives the devil away and confounds him, also; and it glorifies God, always.)

Becoming physically pained and weary from the ladder perch and the frequent climbs up and down, decided to rest a bit.  The next decision here is a temporal one, although am praying for some kind of light from His Real Presence as to His choice of paint colors.  The bottom part of Te Deum House is going to be a creamy golden tan color.  Sonlight Halo, it can be called.  

The top, above a "belly band" and for the gables, there is a choice of two greenish blues; one is lighter, the other darker.  The belly band and trim will be, of course, in deference to the Nine S':  Simply White.   The darker of the greenish blues may win out once the body is rested and the mind and soul have pondered what He desires.  There is nothing pale about His Real Presence, or so it seems.  

The darker, the bolder, the richer in green-blue may remind His Real Presence of the sea, or can remind us of His eyes of which the little boy, Colton Brupo, said are the most beautiful shade of greenish blue.  Akiana Karmarik, the child prodigy artist who has seen Jesus and Heaven and paints beyond all earthly means at her age, paints Jesus' eyes such a color--gorgeous sea bluish-green. 

Well, that did not take long.  Some rest, some quiet thoughts, some considering aspects of Jesus in regard to color...and the decision is made!  God is in the details, and pleasing Him is hopefully in paying attention to the details in such a way as always considering His Real Presence no matter how mundane in the temporal, and no matter how elevated in the mystical.

God bless His Real Presence in us!  Little children, let us love one another, for God Is Love!

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