Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Marvelous Dream

["nothing" is apt identifying term as opposed to "me" or "I".  Am reminding that nothing is nothing and God is All.  Using this term "nothing," helps it sink in.]

Last night "nothing" had a marvelous dream.  It fits in well with casting the net today, offering to share about angels.  It had all to do with suffering and with being utilized in what and how God wills.

A couple of angels were speaking with "nothing" about the severe bodily pain, and they said it will be alleviated in a simple manner, daily.  They warned against another possibility for pain relief that was rather invasive and more complicated.  "Nothing" got the idea that the angels meant the pain will be gone in eternity, but of course am open to sooner!  May it be heaven on earth, His will be done.

Then the angels said "nothing" would be utilized spiritually.  This was a huge relief and a pleasant surprise.  In excitement, "nothing" mentioned how welcome news it was, and shared what was explained to the grandson about how each step and thought we take and make, is either a step or thought toward heaven or toward hell.  We should choose carefully!

The angels smiled.  One of the two said they already knew of that.  Yes, surely they would!  But they added that in the small ways of sharing such thoughts with others, God was very pleased.  They repeated again that "nothing" will be utilized in spiritual ways.

So, when a desolation came of a temporal financial nature, and tears choked the voice some and blurred the eyes, and when the parish employee did not want a program offered (and last spring was equally wary over a couple of small matters), "nothing" realized God was making His will known, and that He will provide plus will utilize spiritually.

Later, when painting the second top coat on the upper reaches of the north side of Te Deum House (hermitage), nothing again reviewed the various ways and offerings made in parishes, and the assurance returned that the utilization is in small ways as a hermit, and also through writing--not through or in parishes.

It is a relief.  As is said, "No is an answer."  And, it is a positive answer for it leads to what is not "no."  It leads to what is "yes", what is door opening, what is possible and can-do and joyful and what is freedom to be in His Real Presence.

At some point, nothing will give the program on angels and share the guardian angel story, en blogue.  There are Catholics and non-Catholics out there who do want something more, whose main concern is the progression of their souls and the souls of others, and who are willing to seek until they find their heart's desire (which is not for them, learning what exercises one can do in a chair or the history of the local zoo, wonderful as this information might be for many).

The door is open wide!  Nothing is going to be utilized spiritually, and hermit hidden ways, small as they may be, are as good as any.

Thanks, angels who spoke in the night!

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