Friday, February 10, 2017

Catholic Hermit Shares Another Catechism Excerpt on Love of God

This nothing consecrated Catholic hermit awakes to another reminder from The Catechism of the Catholic Church as to what we are each and all called: God in Himself.  Since the Living Word tells us that God Is Love, our purpose remains Love of God in Himself, union with and in God in Himself and His Love, and thus unity in Love with and in one another.

There may be others who do not love us in the same way we may be blessed to love them.  This does not mean that we are doing something wrong or should react in any frustration or questioning.  Have no judgments other than to decide in the love of God in Himself.  Just keep loving without expectations of return in any tangible way on our investment.

For investing in love, in learning to love and loving to learn to love, will pay eternal dividends of which we do not need be concerned.  Our concern is central and constant: love of God in Himself.

As we reflect upon the Most Holy Trinity--God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit--we will be reflecting upon God's Love.  St. Paul was told by Jesus in Paul's conversion (involving quite a mystical experience) that His grace is sufficient.  Is God's grace synonymous with His Love?

It seems so, for God Is Love, and all of Him Is Love.  He radiates Love; God imparts Love.

If we remain in God's Love, if we Love God in Himself and achieve union in God we are thus one with His Love.  Love in God flows as God's Love flows--from within to without and without to within.  Love is infinite, like a circle 8, as fluid infinity.

We must not over think God Is Love.  Just desire God Is Love.  Believe in His Love for each of us and trust that we will be united in Love of God in Himself.  This is possible as we carry on our very temporal lives.  As Jesus touched the mute man's ears and tongue, He can certainly touch our hearts.  God Is Love can heal our very souls and inflame us with and in His Love, forever.

Don't fret it.  Don't strain.  Keep a sense of humor and be genuine, authentic, humanly imperfect.  Simply let God's Love do as God's Love does.

Even this excerpt from The Catechism may seem a string of words, or it may illumine to some degree, the mind, with the meaning it intends and desires to describe.  Whatever its effect on us, we can appreciate the words and the reminder of spiritual truths and our purpose in loving God in Himself, of God's desire to have union with us in His Love, and in God's Love His Love in all.

(We can see how words of our human minds begin to circle as word dogs chasing tails; yet we still try to formulate the process of God Is Love and loving God in Himself, with words!  Probably is foolishness in some ways, yet God appreciates our smallest and silliest attempts much like we try to express our human love for one another via a Valentine card.  It is all God's Love.  We only love because He Is Love.)

"1878 All men are called to the same end: God Himself.  There is a certain resemblance between the unity of the divine persons and the fraternity that men are to establish among themselves in truth and love.  Love of neighbor is inseparable from love for God."

God bless His Real Presence Love in us!  We are united one with another in His Love.

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