Saturday, December 24, 2016

Catholic Hermit: Campaign Slogan

Well, I've come up with a campaign slogan (for the be-nice election hopeful win).  Make Me Nice Again--Nicer Than Ever Before!

My cousin from afar has joined in as she wants to be nice again, too.

We were discussing the elderly aunt's decision to never talk to me again due to the last time my voice not sounding "good."  (I actually was quite good compared to how I'd been an hour prior as was in terrible pain but had medication that helped so was quite chipper in comparison.)  But the real reason, I was told by my cousin is that my aunt does not like to hear about my dwelling problems.

Funny, I had not mentioned anything, having figured out she could not cope with nor grasp how so much could go wrong in one place.  I had previously explained the devil does pound on me, but her understanding of spiritual warfare is that you simply tell the devil to go away one time, and that is that.  

Not so, of course.  The more we pray and strive after Christ, the more the devil tries to suck us down.  Jesus was in battle the night before His crucifixion and again on the Cross when He felt so abandoned at one point.

Regardless, my cousin and I gave benefit of the doubt that the aunt is tired, elderly, and, I submitted, perhaps has gotten "peevish" with age.  My cousin said she'd not heard that word in a long time, and I said it has been on my mind recently, for I feel I am peevish, as well.

For fun (I love words and meanings!), I looked up "peevish" on Google, and here are the results.  I note the root word meanings; so apt for how I currently feel, as well as all the descriptors and synonyms in the definition.  Sent it on to my cousin who emailed back that she did not realize the word meant quite this, but realized it was not just applicable for the very elderly...but that it described her, as well, and then added that she realizes she is "old", too.

Yes, and so is this nothing consecrated Catholic hermit mystic or mystic hermit, not that labels matter.  I just include them as a reminder of reality and identity of sorts, while on this temporal earth.  Labels help size up our situations and make us face facts--as well as responsibilities and realities.  So I sent back the message to my cousin that I join her in being peevish.

We concluded our brief internet exchange by her saying she'd like to join my campaign.  She wants to be made nice again, too.  

Making ourselves nice again is a prayer, of sorts.  We solicit God for help to meet our need and desire to be nice, as we confess we have grown not-so-nice over time.  I remind that the main foot-work in this campaign must be done by ourselves.  Attitude, effort. humility always, desire to succeed in being nice--these are keys to winning the be-nice election.

May we be elected to niceness--even nicer than ever before!

While it seems simplistic, the effort is genuine and forthright.  There are many details to which to attend; prayer and practice, re-do and then try again and again, honest reflection--we must persevere and in faith know that we can leave off the peevishness and truly be nice again.  Charity is crucial; charity is also very nice virtue to live out in daily life, in thoughts, words, emotions, and deeds.

Dear God in Heaven, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit:  Please help make us nice again--nicer than ever before!  Fling peevishness far from us, and in this effort we also will try our best.  But please grant us the graces to simply and profoundly be nice!  Yes, make us nice again.  Amen.

adjective: peevish
  1. easily irritated, especially by unimportant things.
    "all this makes Steve fretful and peevish"
late Middle English (in the sense ‘foolish, insane, spiteful’): of unknown origin.

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