Thursday, October 20, 2016

Catholic Hermit: Onward, Christian Soldiers

Well, this Lowe's manager, Mark (not the lovely Mark of a year ago who is now at a different store--happy for him), tried to put blame on me for the employee's ongoing mess-up.  He thinks I should pay for a new cabinet even though the employee should know what size.  I've spent thousands at that store.  He offered to knock off a little but me pay for a new sink....

We had words.  He told me I'm not to talk to others than him.  Oh, no, I don't think that is how it works.  I let him know that unless they get these last two items taken care of, I will need to speak to whomever and also warn anyone of what can happen if they purchase cabinets at their store.

I am waiting for the good John to return next week, although I suppose he will be influenced by the other manager with whom I spoke a bit ago.

Should I get a lawyer or first contact corporate offices?  I mentioned to this man, Mark, that this is a moral and ethical situation, in which their employee lied from the start which caused an entire unfolding of problem after problem, with removal of cabinets and countertops, and now a damaged sink and wrong cabinet size, still, above range. 

He disagreed.  Somehow he thinks that since I did not tell them right away that the sink was damaged, I should pay for it.  He said perhaps I did the damage....  I somehow was able to suck up 16-gauge stainless steel to pop it up on one side?  Why would I do that--cause more trials for myself?  And I should not have accepted the employee's telling me what size for the above microwave cabinet; somehow I was supposed to know what size to get?

I did mention perhaps I should be the one working in their cabinet department since their employees don't seem to know what they are doing, then?

He taunted me, asking why I'd wait a week for John B. to return from vacation and put off having a kitchen?  I pointed out I've been without for months this time, and prior to that battling their employee's lies for nearly two years. What is another week for justice?

What it comes down to, for this nothing consecrated Catholic hermit, is if I let someone like this Mark G. to do something quite immoral and downright wrong. He tried to make a deal, I pay for one or the other, then he changed that to a little off for the sink but I pay all for the cabinet.  I said this is not a time for making deals on what simply is their employee's fault.  Take it out of the employee's salary, if that helps.

No, I cannot let them do something that is so wrong for their souls, that will come to them at judgment or even before.  The Lord smites us down when we do grievous wrongs against others, and He does so one way or another in our lives.  And I would be at fault to let this Lowe's manager pull this wrong-doing.

I did point out that my doctorate is not in countertops, so I did not realize that the sink was not going to work with problem of it bubbled up.  In fact, I did not realize until the countertop installers arrived.  I did not know the above microwave cabinet would be not right until the microwave was up there and saw it was too high, and the countertop men noticed it as well and said the vent fan won't even work with it that high. No, I am not the Lowe's employees who are supposed to know what cabinets to sell and also to not sell cabinets that are being discontinued due to problems with them.

Ah, life.

I have turned to painting woodwork in the one room that has any chance of soon being completed: the bathroom.  Tomorrow this wearied-but-determined Christian soldier will battle on.  I must go to a dermatologist as I have some unfortunate spots that will have to be removed, quite close to my eye.

Pray for this man named Mark and for the manager I had worked with before, although there is no guarantee now that he will agree to replacing the cabinet and sink, either.  But I must try, for their souls' sakes, to have them accountable for what was not in any way, my fault.  Mercy, I even mentioned the terrible inconvenience and stress over the nearly three years, total, of this Lowe's kitchen cabinet nightmare.

Onward, Christian soldiers, going as to war.

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