Thursday, October 20, 2016

Catholic Hermit in Spiritual Warfare

The more I pray on the final injustice over these ridiculous kitchen cabinets, countertops, sink, appliances--the more the clarity of spiritual warfare comes to the fore.

This is a major purpose of my existence not just as a Christian, not just as a Catholic and consecrated hermit, but also as a mystic.  My work is for that of souls--not tangibles.  Yet it is in the daily life and encounters that the souls come forth.  It is nothing new.

And my work is to pray for the souls who have chosen lies, ugliness, injustice, immorality, unethical practices.  

I have put on the armor of God.  Times past have come to mind in which I was called upon to do battle for some souls in deep trouble.  Sometimes it concluded with conversions; other times some have been plucked out of situations and also in a vivid instance, from this temporal world.

I'd rather pray for the conversions of souls, as that seems to us a victory more than the plucking out.  However, in God's view, being plucked out can be loving mercy for some souls who otherwise would damn themselves.  Better time spent in purgatory than eternity in hell.

So, tomorrow I will go into that Lowe's and pray with the power of the Holy Spirit, and beg the Lord to cast the evil from the place.  I will do this silently, of course. I will have my blessed crucifix which was a miraculous gift from the Lord in marvelous circumstances, 13 years ago.  I will have the cross burned and now a scar on my chest, and the crucifix Jesus Himself placed in my heart, back in September of 1999, early one morning as I lay in bed.

May the Lord bring about justice, yes, and vindicate me.  But of course, far more important is my plea that these souls who have chosen wrong-doing, be converted and saved.  That is what matters.  That is my work here on earth, and that is the reason I had the "chance" of walking into that store over three years ago, and met the cabinet employee who from that point on, as well as his successor, caused such unbelievable hassle and ordeal.

I have suffered much from such ridiculous encounters and ordeals over simply and ludicrously: cabinets from Lowe's!  As for the temporal aspects, we are just about at the end of the race.  One good manager has corrected the bulk; just two more errors to be corrected.  Still, I may end up having to figure out how to pay for them myself, at least in the short run, depending upon what transpires with the final person to whom I can appeal before going to corporate.

However, yes, the whole point of all this struggle is to implore the Lord, to suffer, to desire with all my heart, the conversion of the very few employees--really just four out of a store full--whose souls are in need of cleansing with God's grace, mercy, and love.

I can do this, yes.  I will try my very best in spiritual warfare, fighting for the two employees and the manager and the assistant manager who lied to me three times and tried to cheat me of $900.  The good manager will be back, and even if he somehow errs in this, none of it matters but souls.

God bless His Real Presence in us!  We fight evil with the power of God's love and mercy!

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