Wednesday, May 11, 2016

On Catholic Hermits' Health, Medical Concerns

How do contemporary, consecrated Catholic hermits deal with health and medical issues?

This topic may be of interest to some, as it can become an issue considering whatever degree of solitude as well as living location and finances.  This consecrated Catholic hermit intended to share thoughts on the topic after first writing about effects of the will dying, then aspects of bi-location, as well as discerning what are God's insights and what are yet one's own intellect and ideas.

But the past few days met with an unexpected wound on the hermit's thumb which developed into something rather serious requiring, thankfully, advice from a friend far away whose daughter is an ER nurse, who looked at a photo sent via iPad and said get to urgent care right away.  And when that night, the thumb worsened and had additional symptoms due to young physician's assistant at urgent care evidently inexperienced with such matters, a return email from friend advised I get to hospital immediately.  Fever meant sepsis poisoning.

By the interaction of my guardian angel in the ER, mercifully am spared hospitalization but am yet in recovery mode.  How quickly blood poisoning can cause dangerous effects.  I am yet very weak and not easy to type as thumb is bandaged and in splint, but I at least wanted to begin this post that will discuss such aspects of how contemporary hermits may handle their health and medical concerns.  

Per usual with the uniqueness of individual hermits and variances therein within the vocation, I can only share from personal experience but include the historical overview of some past hermits.

Until later...God bless His Real Presence in us!

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