Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Catholic Hermit's Prayer Love Anthem: Roy Orbison - You Got It

This afternoon, the body remained quite sore from yesterday's slips 'n slides on the pole barn roof.  I rested and thought of this song from the late, great Roy Orbison (the Big O, as familiarly known to fans from the past).  I listened to it on YouTube and chose this version in particular due to the grainy quality of the video and the wavering camera views in and out of focus and image.  Reminds me of the unfiltered and unstable aspects of our temporal, tangible lives on earth.  Only God sees clearly, all.

Orbison had a life of immense vocal talent, humility, and tremendous heartbreaks and traumas.  His first wife was killed in a motorcycle accident, right in front of Roy, also riding.  Then two of his three little boys die in a house fire when Roy was on tour in Europe.  He remarried and bore two more sons, rearing his eldest son, also, who had been an infant at the time of the fire.

The last song for which he performed and won an award shortly before an unexpected, massive heart attack when in his early 50's, is titled, "You Got It."

I'm not sure if it was my idea to listen to it this afternoon and consider it a purely heartfelt love-song of my expressing my love for God.  In anything He wants, I will do my best to give.  Anything He wants of me, He's got it.  He's got me, all of me, whatever He wants of me.

And as I prayed in the present moment, drowsily resting, I knew the Lord was listening, knowing my intent, my heart, my soul.  He sings the song back to me, promising me anything I want of Him, anything I need--all His love, anything at all.  The clear tone of Orbison's critically acclaimed and angelic voice lent to my reveling in the lyrics' meaning for me, a consecrated Catholic hermit, in love with the Lord.

I hope and pray this spontaneous form of praying this afternoon while resting on mattress, touched His Real Presence in the fullness of His Essence and Being.  This song has become a prayer anthem of love in this present moment.

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