Friday, April 15, 2016

A Short Simplistic Image from Catholic Hermit to Spiritual Son

Maybe this helps someone out there who, like me--a hermit or in other vocation but all of us along on this spiritual journey of our souls:

And, the Lord might take you slowly or faster--but you hit it correctly to not bother trying to make it faster or also make it go more slowly.  Just go along for the "ride" and be grounded, for even if you get surprised by some jolt from God, that is all right.  

It all is best and less painful, believe it or not, if He instigates all seeking, and then you cooperate like how we sit in a car but put on our seat belts, and do not try to open the door to jump out, or do not grab at the wheel or step on brakes but leave it to the Driver.

And we look out the windows and pay attention to surroundings, and listen if the Driver says something or points out something, but otherwise we sit there listening and observing as best we can but mostly do not at all know the way for it is a new road, always.

(The above is a small bite of a whole tray of sandwiched spiritual correspondence to and with a spiritual son, from God's will within the soul of Joyful Hermit.)

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