Thursday, November 12, 2015

Catholic Hermit on Writing Bent

Fr. V. emailed a week ago from Nigeria where he continues as an inspired and inspiring Novice Master of hundreds of seminarians.  How blessed are they in his religious community. to have as many as 1200 applicants to seminary.  Due to size restrictions in their monastery, they have to whittle down the field to accepting less than 200 each year.

In his email, Fr. V. reminded this pained and tired but desirous and loving consecrated Catholic hermit that its writing ought continue and to have as a purpose that of inspiring and helping others in their spiritual journeys and lives.  He pointedly stated that it is not to be that of theological debate nor getting involved in the quagmire of legalism or of what St. Paul would describe as the law of the mind.  

Rather, I am to write to inspire, to encourage, to hopefully help others who might find some aspects of the sharing of my own journey and thoughts, to persevere in their own spiritual endeavors.

This morning, an email arrived from the young married woman--a true spiritual friend and soul who loves the Lord much and aspires in her spiritual life to union with God.  She has had repeated dreams and has interpreted them fairly well but asks for some assistance and assurance in her discernment.

Perhaps it is in the personal correspondence that this hermit's writing comes to best or better fruition, such as it is.  With prayer and loving consideration, I will re-read my young spiritual friend's email, and then I will ask the Holy Spirit to illumine my mind and guide my fingers on the laptop keyboard in order to assist in any way possible, to help with the dreams' meaning and intent.  Already the ideas have come to mind, heart, and spirit.

So it is, with what Fr. V. wrote and also with the types of personal correspondence and assistance requests from others, from time to time, and in reflecting upon what is in my experiential background and heart of hearts, I will focus all the more in writing of the spiritual, albeit utilizing some daily life activities to lend as examples for whatever seems appropriate in fleshing out the thoughts and ideas.

I am also going to be sharing more of the mystical life--but not simply writing out some lived experiences.  That will be so, but more so will be the writing in an effort to help others to learn more for their own spiritual experiences.  Discernment is critical, as is understanding mysticism compared to or as differentiated from contemplation.  

Overcoming fear and being open to God's love and mercy, to His desire to bring us to union within His Real Presence, is another aspect to share, perhaps best in lived examples--with some failures as means of learning to improve and to grow. The writing, thus, will continue to reflect personal experiences, thoughts, and examples.

Today's Gospel gives Jesus' Living Word that the Kingdom of God is within us.  Am going to ponder the wonder and awe of this truth.  What does it actually mean to us as mortal men and women--adults and children--and to our immortal souls?  The Kingdom of God is within us!

God bless His Real Presence in us!  Little children, let us love one another.  Remain in His Love!

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