Saturday, November 14, 2015

Catholic Hermit: Heartfelt Prayers for Readers

Yesterday was already thinking about overtly thanking the increasing number and variety of readers of this blog.  All along, this nothing consecrated Catholic hermit has noticed the different countries in which the different readers live.

Then within the two hours when Raphael, Francisco, and Raul arrived to get the new French doors to properly hinge and close--and upon return to begin writing a short blog to thank my readers: all hell had unleashed upon the citizens and visitors in Paris, France.

Numerous regular readers of this blog live in France!  Many are in Russia, of which it is now determined that a bomb downed a Russian commercial airplane in Egypt a week or so ago, killing all on board.

In shock and dismay along with all the good souls of humanity, I have been very much praying for the victims of these recent, horrific, terrorist attacks.  And with you, of course, we pray for the conversion of the terrorists' souls.  May they come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior and come into His mercy and love.

Even though I do not know exact cities or towns, do not know names or vocations or other details and traits, I do feel a close kinship and bond with those who log in and read this blog.  I am well aware that there is a handful of readers from my own country who have followed it and earlier blogs under other titles, who have a less-than-loving motivation for reading what I share.  And that is unfortunate, yet it happens in our daily mindsets and choices.

I am actually considering an email account specifically just for this blog, for those serious readers with peaceful and holy intentions, if they might desire to make contact or correspond for sharing our love of His Real Presence or for spiritual uplift, for prayer needs, and other good and virtuous intent.  

I'll continue praying about this possibility, but I would definitely block the handful who in the past have made contact with me in great anger, ugliness, and sometimes under very false pretenses even though they themselves, I am sure, feel quite justified.  It comes down to a matter of two ways of being and two ways of viewing the spiritual life, I suppose.  

I have come to consider and take seriously my responsibility to these few who seemed intent on attacking when the Lord tells us we are to respect one another--and we Christians, and Catholics in particular, ought to follow the Law of God, that of love.  

I do not want to give the handful the opportunity to become or enact an occasion of sin as was the case before when there was freedom to comment.  I do feel a responsibility to them, for I recognize they were not able to resist falling into anger over what I wrote and shared.  Yes, it has seemed better to help them avoid that temptation.  

Yet I wonder sometimes if the vast majority of blog readers would like to have spiritual correspondence beyond the few who make inquiries through other means.  His Real Presence will somehow help me decide, even if it is to do a trial email account, for perhaps it would be His loving desire for me to be praying with more specifics for the various blog readers around the world.

And this brings me full circle to the great love I hold for all you readers of this blog, regardless if we all are in the same place temporally or spiritually or grasp the laws of mind and the law of God with the same understanding, or if we are in the same vocations or age ranges or have similar backgrounds or not.  

We are all souls, and we are all created by His Real Presence, and we all are formed by Him to love Him and love one another.  That is our purpose for being alive, whether alive on this earth--all of us--or some alive here and some alive in blessed eternity.

And, dear friends in Christ Jesus, the world over, my heart of prayers is full of love and heartfelt compassion, for we are all in these tumultuous and terroristic times, together.  Regardless our religious affiliations and backgrounds, we are all souls existing in a vast sea of souls--past, present, future.  If we can truly learn to love one another, our love of God will also see us through this life and into eternal life, as one, in love in His Love.

God bless His Real Presence in us!  Little children, let us love one another no matter how or what negativity might taint us otherwise.  We can see the results which come of fighting over religious differences or misunderstandings.  Whether mere belittling of others or if antagonisms becomes active violence, how horrific when our Loving God is used as misguided rationalization to terrorize and kill people!  REMAIN IN HIS LOVE!

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