Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Catholic Hermit Has Powerful Dream

The Lord gave intense instruction and reminder in powerful dream last night.  It has to do with the value of souls and of how much in danger can be our souls.  There was more to it, of course.  Was so clear and sharp as to wake up this nothing consecrated Catholic hermit!  Fear and awe--trembling for souls.

Plus, in the dream, trying to remedy situation of our souls endangered by our mortal flaws and ignoring God and the state of our beings, was stymied.  Pray for souls!  But also, as shown, often our abodes reflect our soul's state of being or that of others.  It can be difficult to take temporal, spiritual action, such as using blessed holy water in homes for so many do not have that belief or faith in such.  Or it can be difficult to find priests today who would take seriously our concern for souls and for dwellings enough to do an orthodox house blessing.

At least, these have been obstacles in my own situations and in hearing of others' plights.

Am reminded to  pray earnestly for all souls and to do what I can to bless this dwelling as well as to bless with as much faith as my mind, heart, and spirit can muster--others' dwellings.  And this means the dwellings of our souls--our bodies--and the dwellings in which we live as humans upon this earth. 

I can do a "house" blessing in person, here, today; and I can do it when I visit others, quietly, with interior blessing room by room or from the exterior.  I can also bless in faith and love, from deep within my mind, heart, and spirit, from afar--to any dwelling anywhere, upon which my mind is led by the Holy Spirit.

While asking a priest to formally bless a house is marvelous and good, often it seems priests do not consider such as all that necessary or urgent.  My dream showed the importance, however, of the state of our souls--our souls' abodes as well as our bodies' abodes.  There are supernatural aspects that can affect the security of our souls when we do not even realize the intrusions that can weaken us, or the dangers that we may be surrounded with.

We go along in life, day by day: working, eating, sleeping, interacting, playing and even praying.  But we do not necessarily realize the incredible value and status of our souls among each other and with God.

I was shown how lacking can be our souls.  I have let slack the praying and beseeching, the protecting and blessing, on behalf of souls--souls of whom I'm aware and souls in general.  The dream was a powerful reminder and in rather desperate and intense showing of souls and circumstances--ones of which I am familiar but had neglected other than in passing thought.  Serious business, is the state of our and all souls!

Now there will be far more concern and loving consideration to do all, in faith, that I can possible do and be for souls!

God bless His Real Presence in us!  Little children, let us love one another and consider in love and prayer, each others' souls!

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