Friday, October 16, 2015

Catholic Hermit Reminded of the Same Ultimate of God

It is in thinking of God, of sensing God, of loving God, of being in God--of God above all things of earth that is the ultimate adjuration that Jesus reminds us.  It is this same, ultimate reminder that we have from the prophets of the Old Testament and of God Himself.  

It is this ultimate, oft-repeated lesson in the Word of God, of the Living Word--Jesus--and of all the apostles, then of the saints and mystics through out the centuries.  It is this same enjoinment that will always be given us no matter the format, for those who dare listen, embrace, and attempt to live it.

Love God above all else.

A friend balks when reading some of the writings of Pseudo-Macarius and other great mystic saints who not only lived on this earth but lived in heaven while on earth and who live on in their writings and spirits among us.  How is it that we should "despise the world"?  I point out that often enough the wise ones with lived experience in such matters mean not to despise God in His creation, but to love God in His All, more and fully.  

Thus, the soul is in love with His Real Presence.  Love of the world pales, dwindles, begins to disappear like sight fades in the presence of all-consuming Light.

Love God above all else.  Let love of God and His love of us rule all our thinking, saying, doing, being.  To love, to learn to love, to love God and others is the meaning of all of life.  

This Love is not to be found in laws, not even ecclesial laws, no matter how helpful they may be in guiding and setting parameters.  They also can distract and prevent an entering into God Is Love if a person does not move beyond the laws into the greatest commandment, the highest law:  Love!  Love God and love others above all else!

Those who grasp a bit of this have grasped much.  Those who cannot yet grasp, will do so, if not soon, then later, and surely eventually.

God bless His Real Presence in us!  God Is Love!

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