Thursday, June 18, 2015

Catholic Hermit Still Around...

Been very tired recently--working hard, praying much, striving to manage pain.

The Catholic deputy has sold their home and moving so that he and his family can attend a valid Catholic parish with licit Mass.  Found out this priest in area parish will be around another year or two.  Yet it does not change the parishioners' attitudes, for what happens to people when set in ways and wills?  Ran out the previous priest for being too spiritual, wanting adoration and the like.  Imagine that!

Yes, am very tired.  People do not return phone calls.  A friend from far away mentioned it is due to people texting rather than speaking.  For those of us with very old phones and not able to text, and not affording the costly plans of the more costly phones, makes life difficult such as trying to get helpers and workers for even minor tasks.

Would like to write some on a topic that is going to be meaningful tomorrow especially.  It is the 20th anniversary of a major mystical event--and probably very good that this consecrated Catholic hermit ponder it and remember the details.  It was in easier, more pleasant, lovelier time of life--still much pain in the body, but without the seeming hopelessness that comes at times, to pick at the fruit of whatever positive the hermit can ripen in the physical aspects of this existence.  (The birds have been plucking whatever fruit they can get once the hermit leaves the orchard area--still trying to get the bird netting in place even if they figured a way to pull away the netting over the strawberries!)

Perhaps this hermit needs to ponder the perseverance of these birds and pray for like perseverance, an instinctive perseverance, and without emotion of relationships and no need of return phone calls because no need for help with work.  Birds build their own nests, after all, and if they cannot manage it, they succumb to the reason they cannot--broken wing, illness, old age, pestilence, predators.

Now, on that note, must go out and change the sprinklers and soaker hose.  And then finish another wheelbarrow of mulch, and then get to the bird netting.  So much for the fake owl purchased at suggestion of clerk who said it really works.  Did seem to help keep the birds from returning to area of roof in which they previously could enter into Te Deum Hermitage; but they are undaunted by it when there is fruit to be scavenged.

Yes, this hermit needs some of that rather bold and ruthless energy and determination.  Please, Lord!

God bless His Real Presence in us!  Little children, let us love one another, remain in His Love, and kindly be polite to others and return phone messages.  It is the charitable action; not everyone has texting capabilities, and even hermits need help now and then.  Birds do seem to work together, at times.

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