Sunday, May 10, 2015

Catholic Hermit Reminded of OPM

In writing of branches, and that some are taken away, this nothing consecrated Catholic hermit is reminded of the Order of the Present Moment and God's Sovereignty.

Nothing is set in life, not when we are in the Order of the Present Moment according to God's will.  So it is not always one way or another, but we take life as it comes.  We try to be good branches, bearing good fruit because we strive to remain in His Love, and thus He is in us.  He is the Source Who creates, not us on our own.  But if we are in Him, He can do all things in and through us, such as producing good fruit.

Surprises come.  We try to make the most of whatever opportunities arise for us to do what is loving and good.  This morning this hermit made a phone call to one of the adult children.  It is the birthday of this adult child who has not, for quite some time, answered nor made any mode of contact--not even on the hermit's birthday.  This time, though, the call was answered.  There was a present moment lovely conversation, an opportunity for the hermit to find out about the other's current activities and that of their family.

Reality comes, also, and the hermit knows that in the Order of the Present Moment, moments pass.  The unexpected surprises pass; there may not be any more contact for a long time; and we must simply continue to love.  As in this morning's Mass Scriptures, we are told to "Love one another for love is of God."

This is true of every present moment.  Love is the perfect action and reaction in the Order of the Present Moment, and love remains true of moments passing and moments becoming.  Love is the constant perfection.  Hold fast to love and let love be the action and the reaction.  God's Love Is.

Have no other expectations, but learn to love to learn to love. Love is the order of the Order of the Present Moment, and love is of God.  God Is Love.

Yesterday the hermit had another surprise.  All week it had been celebrating mothers by sending notes or making phone calls, expressing the attributes of these women which are considerable, and telling them so.  In fact, the hermit gave them each a "Mother of the Year Award"--which is laughable and the recipients knew it, for such an award given carries no temporal credibility or validity, no renown or publicized esteem.  

However, the hermit explained that the award carries with it the love of God and His Touch, as He is the One Who placed the various mothers in the hermit's mind and heart, reminding the hermit of the ways in which these women have been marvelous mothers.  

This Mother of the Year Award actually has the greatest of merit as it is God's award.  We all can grant God's awards to whoever He points out to us. Repeating the insights God gives us as to why others are beloved, prized, and deserving of honor, is a way He teaches us to love others, by and in His love for them.

Last evening the hermit was invited to meet in a busy restaurant in civilization, with another family member.  It was a present moment invitation, and while it cost the others in travel time and expense, and it cost the hermit in travel time and sitting pain, and the bodily repercussions very much so today as a result of the effort to go, to sit, to be in crowds, the Order of the Present Moment taught and teaches always to go with God's flow, expect the unexpected, and to sacrifice as a means of learning to love to learn to love.

Today the hermit is going to try to walk a mile for love.  It heard of a mother who died shortly after her baby was born, as the mother had cancer and refused chemotherapy so as to not harm the baby in her womb.  A filmmaker of a documentary on mothers, began a walking event in honor of that mother and asks that people walk a mile (in high heels--which the hermit will not do--has none) to raise money for the type of cancer which took the life of the young mother.

The filmmaker also asks that those who walk a mile, do so while pondering mothers.  The hermit will do this, yes!  The pondering will be upon the love of mothers, the love of the Mother of God, the love of its own mother, the love of the many women who are granted in love the Mother of the Year Award--mothers all over the world, past, future, and in the Order of the Present Moment.  The walking and pondering will be a prayer of love.

The hermit is reminded to pray for healing for all branches. Perhaps if the hermit could learn to love to learn to love, more and more and more, His Real Presence will grant the gift of healing to all the branches the hermit's life touches in each present moment, or has touched, or will touch--or has touched and damaged or will touch or damage, or touches and damages.  We humans (even hermit humans) can touch with all the love we'd love to have to share, but we also damage in our touching when we do not at all intend to damage.

Love very much includes pain.  And love also is a major ingredient in healing.  Love heals because God Is Love, and He heals with His Loving Touch.  It is that irony of loving suffering, that we read of (and some of us know from experience) and in which angels have been known to thrust a fiery spear into our hearts, or into other bodily areas that unite us to the wounds of Christ.

In the Order of the Present Moment, God asks of us all:  Love.

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