Monday, April 13, 2015

A Catholic Hermit's Immediate Challenge in Finding the Things of God...

Yes, after pondering and praying and writing of seeking and finding the things of God, and seeing God's Beautiful in the daily muck, there is immediate challenge:  Put to the test!

Was going to try to hang some drywall, at least the lower course for cannot lift the higher.  The lower piece will have to be small as it is very heavy, as it is.  But put the level to the wall, and where Jorge had added numerous supports to existing studs, all has to be removed because they stick out.  The drywall would bump out or even have to shift where he added studs; the stair stringers cannot go in straight or plumb, either.

So, started to use the metal cutting blade and the reciprocating saw, to discover he had put as many as 34 nails in two 2x4's that are each 5' and 4', respectively.  (There are more in like stead.)  Then he had a footer plate nailed to the hilt, as well, but cannot get that out until the 1/2" plywood is somehow removed.  Cannot seem to wedge in a pry tool, for 37 nails are sunk in a 2'x4' piece of plywood.  Plus, it is basic carpentry sense to never use nails for landing sub-flooring; only use screws about every 8-10" or more, for nails will work their way up and pop the finished hardwood to be laid on top.

It's the CROSS!  Yes, all these nails driven in are reminders of God's Beautiful Gift of His Only Begotten Son for the redemption of our sins:  our lacking to any degree of God's Good--our lack of seeking and finding God's Beautiful Good!

Taking a big break from it.  So discouraging!  But discouragement is useful in finding the things of God.  

Left messages for Raphael to explain that Jorge cannot face the realities, but that truly, this is not a good work result here.  So if he ever utilizes Jorge on his work force, it would be well to supervise him.  Had tried to watch his work, but he did not want the old know-nothing around, plus thought surely he knew what he was doing.  

Took the opportunity to express in one message, how very grateful to Raphael, and that there have never been complaints prior to his or his men's wonderful work.  But felt it right to express the situation as a result of Jorge's efforts, surely done as the best he knew how.  And how thankful is this hermit, to Raphael, for pointing out its own errors in construction, as that is how it knows now, what is not.

Well, he did, to his way of perceiving, that is obvious.  Called the lumberyard, and Tom said the wood is useless now and was already weakened by being riddled with way too many nails.

Part of the praying is now for gangsters, for this nothing Catholic hermit wondered why a nice man like Jorge would riddle a relatively small piece of 2x4 and also plywood, with so many nails from the gun.  Perhaps His Real Presence wants the hermit to pray for gangsters who riddle their victims with multiple bullets until their bodies are filled with holes and all earthly use and life gone.  

Gangsters are people with souls--God's Beautiful.  He created them; their parents provided the human channel to their births.  They are things of God, in the good they possess as His Created Creatures. They have souls created in the image and likeness of God's Beautiful.  Somehow, in the muck, they developed a lack of some degree of good.  But, there is yet much of God's beautiful even in gangsters, such as hope of conversion.

Have been thinking about all these nails that must cut out, and the wood trashed--burned, perhaps. Yes, make an immolation of them and let the ashes waft as incense prayers to His Real Presence, turning things of the muck into things of God.  The nails themselves are God's Beautiful.  Someone a long time ago had God's inspiration to devise such things as nails, and they have been improved over time.  People make them, sell them, and use them for very good purposes.  They help build God's Beautiful buildings and abodes of His Created humans--souls all.  God's Beautiful!

Then there is God's Beautiful in Jorge's energy and delight in using the nail gun.  There is God's beautiful in the air of the air compressor that gives force to the nail gun.   

There is God's Beautiful in Jorge's commenting several times on all the tools the hermit has on hand--God's Beautiful Created Tools.  And there is also God's Beautiful Lowe's loan that the nothing Catholic hermit scrapes together by God's gracious Beautiful to pay monthly and hopefully pay off in another 5 1/2 years of God's Beautiful time, with God's Beautiful aspect of money for His Beautiful people's use.

There is God's Beautiful in all these things of God.  We just need to seek them and find them.  They are everywhere throughout the daily muck--that, too, God's Beautiful Created.  

Called the financial advisor (a truly God's Beautiful Creature through and through), and let him know the status with the hermit being God's Created lone worker bee here, and that having Te Deum Hermitage salable any time soon, is not seemingly in God's Beautiful plan of earth time and place. But we creatures never really know; only God knows all.

So will just keep persevering with the things of God:  His Beautiful Virtues and Graces and Prayers and Love of Him and of His Created.  If finances deplete prior to a salable hermitage, there is surely to be found God's Beautiful in the bankruptcy process. (Hopefully jesting, but truly, there are the things of God to be found in such aspects--God's Beautiful in bankers and lenders and lawyers.  God never leaves us without recourse in His Created Beautiful of His Creatures' temporal existences in God's Beautiful Creation.)

Decided it was also time to have a teeny liqueur glassful of God's Beautiful "Mystical Mist"--a concoction that He inspired the hermit to make a couple years or more ago, back in the easier life that was not at all so Godly Beautiful as now with the opportunities daily at hand, of such increased spiritual growth.

Will continue to seek the things of God.  'Tis time to take a first sip of the Mystical Mist, and offer "Cheers to God's Beautiful" in all things of God, and in the wondrous ways in which He is in and behind and under and over and before and after all of His Created Beautiful.

God bless His Real Presence in us.  Little children, let us love one another (and learn to see the things of God in all his Creatures and Creation).  Remain in God's Beautiful Love!

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