Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Glen Campbell - Mary In The Morning

The nothing Catholic hermit's usual music fare is instrumental--Bach Masses, Mozart Masses, Requiems, and of the classical genre.  But in seeking the things of God, the hermit also utilizes any of God's Beautiful Creatures' inspired and talented gifts in order to touch upon the holy.  This song, for example, sung by the incomparable voice and guitar talent of Glen Campbell--to the hermit--is a song sung by St. Joseph to the Virgin Mary.

Listeners may be reminded that Joseph and Mary are people, are God's Created Beautiful Creatures with souls, and their lives were real like ours, with the emotions and thoughts and experiences not unlike what any of us find in our earthly journeys.

Plus, with a musical artist (some say a genius and prodigy) such as Glen Campbell, we also have his life journey, his rise, his fall, his conversion and baptism in the water and Spirit, and his then learning to live and exist as born from above, born of the Spirit--redeemed despite great suffering, yet being humbled in the process.  In the realm of the things of God, this rendition becomes Joseph singing to Mary.

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