Thursday, January 8, 2015

Meekness Needed

Just read the "step" on the ladder of Divine ascent, in which John Climacus writes of meekness and simplicity, among other aspects of similar virtue.

More on it later, but to add now that meekness is needed here.  That calm that must be within in order to possess true humility...that is meekness.

When awoke this morning, yesterday's frantic efforts in manual labor tasks found berth in the recent memory.  No task was finding completion; always some aspect was an obstacle.  Went from task to task, to no conclusion or fulfillment.  Even framing a wall had to cease.  Somehow it is not true and straight from one end, to the other.  Cannot figure out why so am waiting with hope that Raphael will indeed send one of his men to help.  Some tasks do best with two sets of hands.

With the pain level burning already upon waking, the nothing pondered if it could ever attain meekness in any consistency, given the agitation burning pain prompts.  If one centers in, the pain stirs frenzy.  If one distracts out, the pain is not noticed but yet smolders--bursts afresh into leaping flames, crackling and chaotic.

Perhaps His Real Presence is pleased if this nothing keeps trying, though?  Perhaps trying is about as far as this body, mind, heart, and soul will achieve in meekness? Or desire for meekness?  How it yearns to be calm, consistent, not fluttered by obstacles, not reactive to the fire of pain of any type.

There are those called fire walkers.  Yet they do not exist in nor walk always on the fiery coals.  Their learned ability to detach and transcend the effects of what would or ought have their feet blistered and their mouths screaming, is temporary.  Perhaps this nothing aspirant of His Real Presence had best be quite grateful for the desire and attempts at traversing a life of constant burning.

God can do all things through him who loves Him.  Meekness needed here.  Watching or reading world news is not helping, unless one considers heaping more wood on the fire to be helpful.  And if a person is very cold and in need of warmth for survival, having wood on hand and stoking the fire is a good thing.  But if already burning and needing not fire but ashes, it seems best to stay warm without temporal accelerants.

God bless His Real Presence in us!  Little children, let us love one another for God Is Love! Jesus is meek and humble of heart.  We have a new day in which to desire and try yet again, in the virtues such as meekness, that helps fuel love.

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