Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Hermit's Thoughts on Being a Guest

Was reminded of a locution, twelve or so years ago:  "Be a guest."  For the past couple of days the words resurfaced--no doubt this hermit's guardian angel as messenger of His Real Presence, sent to remind of aspects this hermit has not so well been living for quite some earth time.  

Below are flow-of-consciousness-type thoughts shared in emails with a spiritual friend.  They are rambling thoughts, in part, and also answer some questions and comments from the friend, over the course of our e-conversation.

"Had the idea with that locution, or it seemed, that "be a guest" was to be considerate as a guest would be, and to realize that as guests, we are temporary and "borrowers" of anything that God has created, done for us, or is providing.  So we develop a behavior and mentality of gratitude for all, like guests ought to do, at least!  

And to be more demure, perhaps--not create arguments with our Host (and Hostess, Mary), and to go along with what others desire, while also expressing for what we hope and would like, when asked, or even if not, if it is not presuming or out of line or demanding.

"To simply be polite, as a guest would (or should), is another aspect.

"The point may be to LEARN more how to behave as a guest in this world and life and among people, and then learn to be considerate and thoughtful, more and not less.  So the natural self, or being ourself, would be a very nice and thoughtful self, and more compliant with God's world and His allowing us to be a guest here on earth, and a guest in His abode, which He has made inside us.

"'Be a guest' had to do with that, and learning the behaviors and thoughts at least interiorly--at least to ponder it--and to train ourselves in a better way of viewing God and HIs Creation, and of being a guest among many guests, even if others do not realize they are guests, too.  We are all guests here.  

"So consider, also, as personal example, terrible complaining.  Now, would one do that if a guest in someone's house here on earth?  Would one feel lonely and betrayed?  No.  Would one not brush teeth daily, or shun certain foods offered us, or be picky in any way?  Would we demand help with projects?  

"Guests do ask for things, though, of the host and hostess.  Where are the glasses, or for a drink of water?  A towel?  Would it be all right if we left for the afternoon, but will be back for supper?  Apologize that weI might not get in until late? That kind of thing.  Is there something the host or hostess would like us to do to help out during our stay?  Can we help with dishes?  Does the host or hostess mind if we read this book on his or her shelf?

"See?  It is just a different perspective when we place ourselves in this life as guests of His Real Presence and His Mother.  We'd ask permission a lot more.  There was a package in the mail, and it was from friend in SoCal. She sews beautifully and has good financial means, and she delights in gifting and wrapping everything to perfection. [This hermit[ noticed of the two, wrapped packages, in the smaller box a potential for something edible.  Decided it would be an Advent Gaudete gift, and to open it then and there!  Was ravenous, having forgotten to eat while focusing on insulation board and figuring out wall placements upstairs in the hermitage.  

"Sure enough, there was a candy bar tucked along with some work gloves in the small package. Downed the Payday: sugar and peanut energy.  Then realized had not even asked God if He'd mind the opening of the package before Christmas, as an Advent gift.  Instead, [this hermit] told Him what was going to do. 

"Am always seeming to be telling His Real Presence, not asking.  Even if would ask within, "Do You mind if...this or that?"   Would be better than not asking anything at all, and just going and doing, or telling Them.  I think this hermit would stop some unguest-like actions, if would learn to ask God as the Host, and/or Mary as Hostess.  

"Surely His Real Presence, by bringing to the conscious mind the years-past locution, wants this hermit to re-ponder "Be a guest"--mostly for attitude and perspective shift that will then concretely improve active beingness of body, mind, heart, and soul.

"In practicum, [for the hermit's spiritual friend's current visitor to her home], it would be rather fascinating to experiment being a guest while at the same time doing for a guest.  For one thing, if we observe someone who maybe is not the best guest, we can learn what not to be as a guest, and then change it to how we should be as a guest.  And then reflect upon it with God as our Host and Mary as our Hostess, for our stay here on earth.

"Back to being a guest ourselves, we would offer thoughts, actions, things to God, or we would offer to others as if they are our hosts and hostesses, through God.  Something like that.  So you are offering your guest supper this evening, even if he might not have the knack of being a guest in the way God would like us to be:  thoughtful, helpful, thankful, non-assuming, asking permission, checking in with the host's plans and schedule before making his own plans.

"You [the spiritual friend to whom hermit is writing] are right that God would want us to be ourselves--as even guests ought to be themselves...unless evil selves.  But being a guest of God is surely some different than being a guest of a human.  Being a guest of humans is not being a guest of One Who Is Eternal Perfection.  

In general, though, the locution ["Be a guest"] is a lesson to teach more how we can better act and react, how we can better perceive others and the world around, and the world we are in, especially our inner world.  

"Guests have their personalities, but it is how they treat their Host and Hostess and the other guests, that is probably the point He was making.  It is a marvelous locution to ponder, though, and one to learn by and from, and to stretch us in positive growth.

"The shepherds were guests; and on another socio-economic spectrum, the wise men were guests.  Angels were guests.  All are guests of baby Jesus, Mary, and Joseph and even of the animals in their stable.  Their behavior and words were no doubt different than when on the hillside tending sheep, when in their Persian houses with servants, but not probably too different for the angels when they are glorifying God, for they glorified Him in the manger and as messengers to people of the birth of Christ.

"Yet, [this hermit] does not often consider its angel as a guest, always visiting me--a boarder for life who is trying to remind [this hermit] to glorify God, to adore Him, in every present moment. Plus, the guardian angel is a constant guest trying to protect and guide in temporal matters, yet all according to God's will.  So even difficult phases of life are ordained, and we are guests and yet hosts and hostesses of our guardian angels, if we view it as such from a personal perspective.  But from God's perspective, we are the guests, and the angels a constant messenger inviting us to "Be a guest."

"We cannot expect or even look to other people to be guests, or for them to grasp the concept of being a guest of God's on this earth.  But [this hermit] was told to be a guest,, and it has not much practiced or been a guest.  

"In a current situation [in the hermit's life], am asked to go into civilization and help someone paint woodwork, on the weekend.  Traffic is more then, and thought about going a day earlier.  But a guest would arrive when the hostess asks, or has in mind, not necessarily when the guest decides to arrive.  Of course, we might kindly ask if another time is all right, explaining our reasons.  

"But for the most part, with human hosts and hostesses, we may do well to practice considering them to be as God, as we are told to see God in others.  Still, when and as God is our life's and being's Host, then the stakes are much higher and different than dealing with imperfect humans!  And this must be remembered when we are human hosts to others...."

Thus concludes some of this hermit's thoughts on "Being a guest." Hope you readers ponder aspects and develop your own thoughts on the topic, and that you find "being a guest" a marvelous exercise in spiritual reality and life.

God bless His Real Presence in us!  May we love one another as guests of His Real Presence, as children visiting His Abode for He has come to make His abode in us, and we in Him.

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