Friday, September 19, 2014

Keep Seeking, Working and Praying

Am reminded through Dom Lorenzo Scupoli, author of The Spiritual Combat, to not give into thoughts of being overwhelmed in any way, as God does not overwhelm.  Rather, keep focused and do something concrete, such as manual labor or any action possible.  Thinking, speaking, listening, writing, reading can be actions, too.

But do not let immensity of tasks immobilize the mind or body.  Also, do not let immensity of spiritual thoughts, bombard or overwhelm and tempt into putting off, giving up.  This is akin to falling into sloth or also spiritual acedia, or dryness.

Stay focused and force ourselves to do something even if a small something.

These thoughts and suggestions are not solely from Scupoli but are a compendium of suggestions from various spiritual writers.  When thoughts and suggestions flow through various wise and spiritually accomplished persons known for holiness, then there is a high likelihood that not only are they excellent thoughts but also that they bring successful results to the soul and the spiritual journey.

Another thought has come while "nothing" hermit has been sanding and priming some ceiling tongue-in-groove boards.  (Am trying to ready the materials as four family members are coming to the hermitage tomorrow to help finish an area of ceiling plus finish installing some kitchen cabinets.)
The thought while priming the boards came from some place deep in the soul, beyond where the heart sings but within where the soul hums the sounds of His Real Presence's created universe.

It was an assurance that it does not matter what earth time it takes to find our way, our place, our room within His House, our small spot within the room.  It also does not matter if after a time we are beckoned by His touch or call, or His arranging of circumstances in the temporal or the spiritual realms, to enter another room, find another spot.  It can even not be a room but a closet or a stairway, or a hallway of passage.  We may find ourselves in any of these for long periods of earth time or for short periods. 

But the important thing is to seek the spot no matter how slow we might be in cracking the clues or understanding His directions in where to "be."  And, we must remember that "Only God Is Forever." 

We are not.  We are nothing.  So if we are slow at the commands and clues and in finding a spot whether temporary or not in a seemingly approved place by our or others reasoning, or not like the spots others have found, it is all right.

Just keep working and praying and pondering.  And keep loving His Real Presence and anyone or thing of His creation He brings into the thoughts, vision, sounds or physical encounter, or of those we may meet if out and about. 

It really does not matter how long it takes or that when it seems we are in between "spots."   We may find then that our place is up high on a ladder or standing on some soil in the outdoors of this great planet, or in some other universe in our thoughts, while working, thinking, sleeping, listening, speaking, or praying.

We must not let anyone try to cajole or convince us into some room or spot.  Perhaps His Real Presence wants us by ourselves for awhile or a long time, on a ladder or outside, or in a closet, or on the roof, or in an underground cellar--perhaps, yes, a storm cellar to wait out some turmoil!

And don't be concerned as to where other people have their spots in what house or room or place within a room, or not in a room, either.  Nor ought we be curious about their places because their spots could change in an instant without notice.  It is pointless to try to monitor where others "are" or where they might "be" when we have more than enough to figure out where God wills us to be.  We must be attentive to His asking us to be elsewhere, at any given present moment.

To express this point further, wishing we could have a certain spot or not have a certain spot, or envying others' spots or worrying if others are in the spot we think they ought to be, or not be--well, that is fruitless.  About the time we might think we have it all figured out in our minds as to what is for another, they may have been beckoned on to another spot by His Real Presence.  In the meantime, we may have been so curious and frustrated about some other person's spot, that we might miss our own hearkening call from His Real Presence to be in a new spot, ourselves.

Keep seeking His Real Presence and the place He has for each of us not only in heaven--but on earth as it is in heaven.  Keep working no matter how trivial and no matter if there is much other that could distract and overwhelm.  Keep praying, for that is the means of talking with and listening to His Real Presence.  In this way, we may find assurance as to where He desires us to "be", in what spot for now or at some other time, for then, and at some point forever.

God bless His Real Presence in us!  Little children, let us love one another for love is of God.

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