Monday, June 5, 2017

Catholic Hermit Post Pentecost

I've not been able to write much lately due to over-use of right arm from shoulder through fingers.  Have Carpenter's Elbow, and two previous shoulder surgeries are also involved with numbness down the arm, plus a past "drill whip" injury of my thumb adds to the issue.

So yesterday was Pentecost, and gloriously so.  Now today, with Pentecost past, the soul is rejoicing with the Holy Spirit being given to all of us who believe as the Body of Christ.  Blessed and grateful!

Every now and then in the work here, I call out aloud:  Jesus!  You were a carpenter!  Thus was the case Friday morning when the man from the parish (who along with his wife bring me Communion on Sundays) came to help me install the stair stringer boards.  He returned Saturday to help adjust the center stringer board.  Definitely, building a staircase is a two-person job when it comes to the critical part of hanging the stringer boards, securing them and making sure they are level.

Then there has been the massive weeding, for working on the interior had the exterior be put off.  And there is a raccoon problem now, with two having stalked this nothing consecrated Catholic hermit to an extreme point of becoming bizarre.  So means will have to be taken to trap and remove the coons who have become aggressive.  It is a shame that some feed them, most likely for the human's enjoyment of doing so.  It is unfair to the undomesticated creatures who then become dangerous menaces and are over-populated.

Have sold several trees which helps pay some bills and clears the over-crowding of these, too, for they love this soil and climate, for sure.  What were slow-growers have become rapid-risers.

And so I wish and pray for our souls, to become rapid risers, now reminded of the great indwelling of the Holy Spirit.  How do we deserve such a gift from God?  It is only because He loves us without measure; He loves us as His children and loves with much mercy.

I've had some questions asked via emails, and I've tried to answer briefly with the arm situation as it is--most difficult to type.  The topics--questions asked--are of interest, perhaps, to you blog readers.  So when my pained and numb arm and hands are improved, I will share and write my thoughts.

Have many prayer concerns given, and thankfully praying is not affected by any ailments or injuries of body!

God bless His Real Presence in us, and thanks be to God the Father, the Son, and the HOLY SPIRIT!

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