Friday, February 3, 2017

Catholic Hermit: Law of God's Love

I continue to be intrigued and inspired by the Living Word of God.  Years ago, when confined to a hospital bed in my home for three months--my children quite young and my parents having come to care for us--I listened to audio tapes of the Bible.  My very favorite epistle was and remains the Letter to the Hebrews.  It spoke to me deeply then and does so now.

The following excerpt from Hebrews 10 brings forth, yet again, the reality of the laws of minds--even if these laws may be inspired by God.  Repeatedly in Scripture we are told that the laws of minds are limited and limiting in the temporal.  The law of God--the law of Love--is superior to all other laws.  The law of God's Love presumes and includes our desire for and willingness to do and be in God's will.

This nothing consecrated Catholic hermit, this morning, will ponder and rejoice in the reminder of that which is offered in love of God, not according to even the canon laws of the church--it is love of God in Himself and love of others that delights God, His Son, and the Holy Spirit.  

It is the law of Love that God desires of us.  The reality of this is quite freeing and up-lifting.  Our souls rise in thanksgiving and praise, in love of God.

Yes, by this will, by doing God's will, we have been consecrated through the offering of the Body of Jesus Christ once for all.

Brothers and sisters:
Since the law has only a shadow of the good things to come,
and not the very image of them, it can never make perfect
those who come to worship by the same sacrifices
that they offer continually each year.

First he says, "Sacrifices and offerings,
burnt offerings and sin offerings,
you neither desired nor delighted in."
These are offered according to the law.
Then he says, "Behold, I come to do your will."
He takes away the first to establish the second.
By this "will," we have been consecrated
through the offering of the Body of Jesus Christ once for all.

Another section of Scripture, from Psalm 40, further emphasizes the delight of the Lord is in obedience to and love of His will.  Jesus Christ came to fulfill the Father's will, to fulfill the law of God's love, to save our souls and to provide a living and eternal example for us to do likewise.

I recall years ago, not long after the car accident and my earthly spouse had decided being married to me was no longer wanted, I knelt in a church where my young children and I attended.  I repeated with my whole heart: Here I am, Lord; I have come to do your will.

Following this full offering by repeating the words of Christ, the Living Word of God--my life took a turn to a far more spiritual existence than what I ever could anticipate.  And this spiritual life included deep and real suffering.  But also, the Lord touched my life with His grace, with gifts and consolations.

Even now, however, I am weak.  I need the strong Christ-reminder of love of God and love of obedience to God's will, the love of Jesus Christ and desire for union with God-Is-Love.  I desire His love to rule my body, mind, heart, and spirit!  Nothing else seems to work out in this life nor to have meaning--if not for His will, His Love.

From Psalm 40, the words ring true and inspire me anew this morning when my body is filled with increased pain and weariness from interrupted sleep.  The purpose of my life--questioned in all the manual labor set before me in a temporal dwelling.  Is this God's will for me?

Ah, Love is His will; and thus yes, the manual labor for now is His much as any temporal long as my full being is honed to loving Him above all things, desiring union in His Love, accepting all as an outflow of His Love.

I have waited, waited for the Lord,
and he stooped toward me.
And he put a new song into my mouth,
a hymn to our God.
Sacrifice or oblation you wished not,
but ears open to obedience you gave me.
Burnt offerings or sin-offerings you sought not;
and then said I, "Behold, I come."
I announced your justice in the vast assembly;
I did not restrain my lips, as you, O LORD, know.
Your justice I kept not hid within my heart;
your faithfulness and your salvation I have spoken of;
I have made no secret of your kindness and your truth
in the vast assembly.

So it was that from that day forth when I formally repeated the words of Jesus, I strove to be a living voice of the Lord Jesus Christ, in the here and now.  In and after the back-to-back back surgeries, loss of temporal career, loss of health insurance and financial stability, loss of pain-free body, loss of earthly spouse, loss of life as it had been--I became emboldened to speak of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Yet in the hardships and sufferings of increasing trials and persecutions, it seems that over time I lost the ardor of sweetness in His Love.  I complicate my life by mere neglect of how easily present is His Love, how easy to just be a soul existing in His delight and residing in His trusted love for me.

His trusted love is true for each of us!  God loves us!

When I get wrought up in temporal problems, disappointments, weariness and concerns of the body, mind, and emotions--I can return to the lap of His Love by simply repeating the Living Words of Jesus Christ:

Here I am, Lord; I have come to do your will!

His will is His Love.

I do not know how to explain this truth, but it is true.  God's will is His Love.

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