Sunday, November 6, 2016

Catholic Hermit Sensing Gerard Manley Hopkins Poem

This one, that I came across this morning amidst trying to swim away from recent realities of doors closed yet again, rejection but for good purpose--this poem speaks what my mind, heart, and spirit feels.  It is propitiously marvelous in His Real Presence: a grace, for sure!

My Own Heart Let Me More Have Pity On

My own heart let me more have pity on; let
Me live to my sad self hereafter kind,
Charitable; not lie this tormented mind
With this tormented mind tormenting yet.
   I cast for comfort I can no more get
By groping round my comfortless, than blind
Eyes in their dark can day or thirst can find
Thirst's all-in-all in all a world of wet.

Soul, self; come, poor Jackself, I do advise
You, jaded, let be; call off thoughts awhile
Elsewhere; leave comfort root-room; let joy size
At God knows when to God knows what; whose smile
's not wrung, see you; unforeseen times rather--as skies
Betweenpie mountains--lights a lovely mile.

--Gerard Manley Hopkins

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