Friday, September 30, 2016

Catholic Hermit: Loving Mercy!

The Lord has been so very good to this old, nothing, consecrated Catholic hermit!  However, after a work-mode bonanza of some needed energy and bits of hermitage progress, the body is feeling increase of pain and depletion.

The Lord remains so loving and merciful, with perks along the way, though.  Yesterday had to drive to civilization for way-past-due truck (named Precious Blood) lube and tune and oil change, and in the wait room was a man who struck up conversation.  He noticed my crucifix and sure enough is Catholic.  Great conversation with a good soul of which he certainly is.  God provides!

Am today just now dressed and trying to get the pained body up and off this mattress to head out to the back side of hermitage to continue caulking up under an overhang.  My angel is with me, and I've had inspiration as to how to rig a scaffold-type effect on some steps so that a ladder can be placed under a section of overhang on each side of a deck, so that the old hermit can reach up to do necessary caulking and eventual trim painting.

Ladder to heaven?  Well, that is a good thought while working today, as best as the body can be pushed to work despite radiating pain causing loads of nausea as well as pain going down legs and into feet.  Ah, it all could be so much worse.

On another loving and merciful note, after Mass on Saturday evening last, some women conversed kindly, and long-story-short, called over a man who right then and there said he'd come help this hermit install the microwave above a range.  When he arrived, he seriously asked if I am trying to live in here as it is.  My, I laughed and said this is on the upswing, for sure!  Yes, am living in here, as is.

While the man did not install the microwave, he will come back to lift it onto a mounting plate once the hermit here gets that work done.  The wonderfully competent and kindly young countertop template man came on Monday morning, and he explained to me how to mount the microwave mounting metal strip, to add some toggle bolts for strength, and noted that part of the support will come from bolting down into the microwave from cabinet above.

Such helpfulness not only from the women and man from the parish as well as the countertop template man--well, it is all very encouraging to the heart, mind, and soul.

Let us all remember just how much a bit of kindness, thoughtfulness, and encouragement can accomplish in those who we encounter either in person or in our thoughts of them.  It takes faith in the latter concept, to consider how kindly thoughts can affect souls all over the world and in the great beyond, of souls continuing on in eternity.

God bless His Real Presence in us!  Little children, let us love one another as Jesus loves us!

Now, to get the body up and out, into physical motion, with the mind and heart and spirit praying love and mercy for all.

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