Thursday, August 25, 2016

You Still Believe In Me: Song to Jesus the Soul-Weaver

This nothing consecrated Catholic hermit has come upon yet another Brian Wilson composition, this time performed when he was 60 years old or so.  (There is another rendition I might post that is performed when age 73.)  I love to take the everyday life-love lyrics and with an act of grace, turn them into love songs from me to Jesus, my life's Love and Soul-weaver.

I hope you can catch the lyrics, for all words may be woven into a gratitude prayer:  No matter what we do to break away or whenever we fail ourselves, Jesus always believes in us. He always is with us.  Even when we think we are alone, He is with us.  We may try to push Him away, but He always comes back; He is never far off.

The music and harmonies are heavenly, don't you think?  I love the reality that Brian Wilson truly enjoys and enters into the song not only as performer, but from his own smiles we see that he becomes a receptor of the song.  He is the thread, the yarn, the woof and warp of the musical fabric.  His soul is woven by and into God's Artistry.

(I also love the collaborative effect of many souls joining together to be part of the creation. This is a marvelous truth even for a hermit whose existence and interactions, mostly in the silence of solitude, collaborate with Jesus the Soul-Weaver.  We affect one another in the unending production of good in the tapestry of love and life.)

So our souls are woven by Jesus!  Consider this reality; perceive it in daily life details!

We are never too old.  We also are never too young.  We can sing (or hum within) a song to Jesus, the loving Weaver of our souls.

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