Sunday, August 21, 2016

Catholic Hermit: More on Vocational Artistry

I've continued my prayer and pondering of the shift and shake of my own soul and eremitic vocation (as vehicle therein).  Somehow it helps me to go with God's flow, and music flows.  I came upon the video of two great musical artists who obviously followed their God-given callings, their vocations, of musical genius.

What strikes me about Brian Wilson (Beach Boys composer, musician, founder) and Eric Clapton (one of the world's greatest guitarists) is that in their twilight years, much is documented of their earlier years.  Each man had childhood traumas through which their vocations evolved.

Perhaps the crises forced their passion, focused their talents, fortified their vocations and brought them to fruitful grandeur.  As a result of such fruitfulness, they gave and continue to give the listening world much to not only enjoy but to inspire musically as well as in their overcoming their earlier traumas.

They turned what could have been tragic lives into victorious lives.  But it did not come easily.  We must not forget the hours of solitude and inner silence so as to "listen" to their hearts and souls find musical expression.  They practiced their art forms; they lived their vocations with passion--excluding other aspects of life, for a vocation requires human effort as well as God's grace.

I continue to ponder what it all means to me, personally.  I am in a transition point in my own eremitic vocation and spiritual growth.

Tomorrow will be the 21st anniversary of my confirmation as a Catholic.  Much has evolved since that evening those years ago, yet I remember it vividly.  I was already in middle age; and relatively speaking, it was not that long after (less than five years) that the Lord proffered to me His vocational call to the eremitic (hermit) life.

We all go through shifts and shakings in our spiritual progression (and truly, in about any progression involved in our lives).  I note that each musician--Brian Wilson and Eric Clapton--had such transitions in their lives--notably major adult obstacles to overcome which for them were externally introduced and taken in by each of drugs and alcohol.  But these obstacle-temptations were answered from a point of desiring to transcend when they had come to a vocational plateau of sorts.

For now, as a consecrated Catholic hermit, my soul-vocational shift and shake is being worked out within as well as without.  I am seeing some aspects that require more focus and other aspects that require shifting away from ways of being and thinking and doing.  Some of it simply involves reflecting upon passion--my passion for God and the calling as a hermit as artist and the artistry of a soul-seeking-God (and soul, seeking God).

In the meantime enjoy and be inspired by this collaborative presentation of Brian Wilson's genius composition and performance of "The Warmth of the Sun" accompanied by Eric Clapton's gifted guitar and voice.  (Note: the men were about 60 years of age in this performance.)

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